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For a man who has ruled Uganda since 1986, he has pledged that he’s going to secure our future in this his (alleged last) term in office. 35 years on the throne that is supposed to be rotated around democratically.

Ugandans have tried over and again to rise up against him but because he has the military backing, he’s squashed their uprisings. It is really sad that there are people who have grown up under his regime and unfortunately some have died under the same. Some of which have been killed by the state machinery. The current secretary general of the NRM, Justine Kasule Lumumba is even quoted to have said in 2016 that “the state shall kill your children.” Imagine. To people who’re standing up for what is right. A demand for change. Justice.

Now, some of the things that hurt about the whole situation is that some of the people who one would expect to join the cause for change are the youths. Why? Because his policies have not favored their generation as much. Many of them are online entrepreneurs and then boom, we have internet taxes, internet censorship, high data costs. His government is full of people who have no idea of the 21st century problems so they bring the 19th century solutions to problems they know not. The ICT ministry is headed by people who hardly have an idea of how ICT runs. The newly appointed ICT minister last tweeted in 2016. imagine. If he’s to compete against his fellow east African counterparts then that means from Kenya, he’ll be against Joseph Wakaba who is the former Google Sub-Sahara Africa Lead, a holder of (B sc. (Hons)) in Economics and Communications Technology from the Massachusetts institute of technology, and Paula Ingabire of Rwanda who holds a masters of sciences in information and communications technology from the Massachusetts institute of technology. Ours is a physician known for HIV/AIDS management.

Now what hurts is that despite all the above nonsense, there are youths who signed up to support this government & influenced for it online. That means that if they didn’t pay OTT then they had to use VPN to push for it on Facebook. They’re influencing for a guy who recently declared that he’s going to employ only children of the rich because since they have grown up with unlimited access to money, they ‘re less likely to be corrupt. They have literary seen it all.

Now this goes to the influences, with hardly much money people in the creative arts industry have, (isn’t that where influencers also belong?), it means that this guy’s going to bypass you & employ only those from rich families. Sad for most of you because you’re clearly not in the rich families’ brackets. Hardly does any of you know anyone in the rich circles you’re influencing for. 

They may even start asking for your bank account records as part of the resume to see if you’re fluking & then boom, you won’t get in. I am not sure if “I was your influencer” will get you on that civil service payroll. 

Your people are going to get the rona & God forbid, die in hospitals that have not been facilitated by the government you’re pushing for… then you’ll come here & implore people to type rip on the pics you’ll put up of the deceased. Some of y’all even changed your social media & profile pictures to show love to a nigga who’s about the 1% in this wretched country. Y’all blind motherfuckers. You sold your souls to the devil who has nothing to do with them even. 

After announcing the 42 lockdowns, amongst the services left open, he said construction has to continue (because their apartments & arcades gotta spring up) (probably from the new COVID donations) so that you can sub rent in them for your businesses & payback that influencer money as rent. Blind ass bitches. 

Your country has crazy internet rates, blocked Facebook now people have to use VPN to get around & it’s affecting them bad & you’re using the same prohibitions to push for these murderers. 

Y’all NRM influencers simply dumb. 

Day 8 August Rush Blogging Challenge. Self Marketing.

I am not a usual fun of marketing. I’ve always avoided any opportunity that presented itself under marketing but life as you know it can be full of surprises, here I am stuck with Ug Bloggers making me market something about me. Let’s see how it goes. And actually this is a project I wanted to hold this year…and then someone ate a bat.



THE GENESIS “Embracing The Art”

Random Thoughts of Shadray is the social correction & critique blog of Kinene ‘Shadray’ Marvin covering a range of different topics creatively crafted to deliver messages on mainly; relationships, motivation, inspiration & life adaptation skills.

Shadray’s Creative Writing Class is going to be a free attendance writers conference (though open donations will be accepted) for people that are trying to discover their writing skills.

Briefly, it is intended to make manifest the writing spirit of beginners so that they can be able to produce that which is in their mind through realizing & embracing some of the key factors that make one a writer especially points like;

  • What motivates/ inspires one to write? (motivation)
  • Why does one want to write & what kind of writer does one want to be? (identity)
  • How does one want to be understood/ message delivery? (style)

Much as I have self-taught myself on this journey from reading about other writers’ works and personal experiences, there are a few creative writers’ events that I have attended & got enlightened from, like; 

  • The Uganda International Writers Conference, 4th Edition/ Creative Writers Master Class organized by the British Council East Africa Arts & The African Writers Trust 2019.
  • The Global Stance Workshops 2019 organized by Skillz East Africa.
  • The Creative Hustle Activity in partnership with the Uganda Press Photo Award organized by the British Council East Africa Arts, 2019.
  • Was among the invited guests attending the African writers’ reception for the famed Nigerian American writer, Okey Ndibe organized by the US Embassy Public Affairs Office & African Writers Trust.

With a Target attendance ranging from writers, media personalities, students, scholars & other writing enthusiasts, feel free to respond to the call when the lockdown is done & come take part in;

  • Learning about creative writing (from Shadray & select partners)
  • Motivation & inspirational talks relating to writing from select speakers (media personnel, students, sponsors)
  • Socializing/ relationship building, meet & greets.

Well, keep safe, keep creating and be up to represent when you get the news. See you when it happens. Adios.

Day 1 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. My Favorite Blogging Moment.

Well, finally, another blogging challenge is here and this time it’s from right here in our backyard by our very own Ugandan initiative, Uganda Blogging Community ugbloc_uganda. This should be exciting already.

It’s a great blogging moment too that Ugandan bloggers are also starting to get us engaged.

However, let me look back to I don’t know if I should call it a random blogging moment because I got a lot of them but let me pick out the one where I scored 100 followers and Word Press sent me a congratulatory message. I was thrilled. 100 people following me? That means I am speaking to someone out there. The likes had already skyrocketed to above 500 and my excitement literary shot through the roof.

So by end of this year, I decided to device ways of pushing my work out there to make it to at least 150 subscribers and the surely, the future looks bright as every like, comment and follow feels like a new blessing. Indeed it actually is.

Welcome back Uganda Blogging Community.

Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC. #3; My Favorite Local Food.

I am still up to speed to catch up with the lost days of the challenge and today, as I made my pledge and commitment to the cause, I ought to catch up so that’s why it looks strange that I am putting up challenge 3 on day 5. Rest assure yourself that I am going to make it to your level for the lost time. Now let’s proceed to some taste bud stuff.

I have fluctuating eating habits. I may at one time be in the mood to eat something as big as an elephant but when the food comes through, I eat a portion as small as a mice. When it comes to picking food, I am not that good either but a few that stand out are fried rice, sausages, fried eggs & fried chicken. I like the red velvet cake flavor but when I landed on the dark forest, I put the red velvet in the second position.

My favorite local food though is the rolex. It may not be a traditional meal like cassava, matooke and the like but it’s a Ugandan food so I guess it can pass. It’s more of a Ugandan fast food and if you’ve noticed, it has eggs in it. I like my rolex with nyanya mbissi (raw tomatoes) (It’s feminine to have the tomatoes fried in it.) and however hungry I may be, I can only comfortably eat one with two eggs and one chapatti. I don’t want ti let pleasure torture me with anything in excess.

To vividly illustrate it to you, a rolex is a fast food prepared in Uganda. It is composed of beaten eggs fried as a whole and then a chapatti (crepe) is laid on top. After frying the eggs, they are laid on top of the crepe and then other ingredients are cut and spread on top like green pepper, cabbages, onions though they too can be fried together with the eggs depending on your preference. Sometimes it is sliced in beans to make rolex-kikomando and it is very common in the ghetto suburbs of Uganda because it’s cheap and easy to prepare.

These days, people have added on the innovation with adding other ingredients like chicken, beef, mixed in the eggs then they are rolled like a mat with the crepe on top. It’s best served when hot and goes well with cold, soft drinks or tea.

However, if you’re looking at enjoying it well, never allow its maker to wash the preparation utensils especially the cup and fork used for beating the eggs in otherwise it will lose its sweetness.

Until recently, it was declared a national treasure by the Ugandan Ministry of Tourism thus making a mark of its relevance to our survival. We even have a festival for it.