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Day 5 Of The Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021What Should be the Mood For Social Media?

Do not post your issues on social media”. It is childish to put your problems out there. Find a way to address them”. This is advocacy & activism week of the #winterABC2021 & we’re post to be standing up for something. Today I am standing up for those who personally & or physically have no one to talk to but social media & against those who always find amusement in shutting them down.
We have come across posts of this kind in our different Social Media. Where people are dictating on others about what to post yet I have never seen it recommended anywhere when I am opening accounts on any social media that “Thou shall only post content where thee are happy so that you can please they? Have you? If you have, please send me the screenshot, the link. I need to be woke.

Therefore, I have come to realize that we our very own selves are the ones that are fueling the depression that we keep trending around. We are the ones that keep asking where humanity is headed to yet we are the ones that keep fuelling it low key. Why are we forcing people to keep up with a lifestyle that they cannot afford? Borrowing clothes to look lit, forcing to hangout in places where they cannot afford to be. Girls sleeping for
tickets to events just to keep up appearances. Like as if there is a prize for having the flyest social media account on line.

How can someone come out seeking help and the best we can do is to tell them that it is childish to bring forth our ‘dark’ issues online. That they are best resolved off of the internet. I thought it’s called social media for a reason not please me media. How does that even work? Where are our hearts? Where is our humanity? The world is destroying itself slowly by slowly. People on suicide through depression and we’re telling people that when they post their issues they are childish? When people come out for help and we tell them that it is childish, so when are we going to help them? What is a mature person supposed to post? I need a memo. Are we even intending to help them? Are we even worthy of being friends? If you cannot help someone then shut the fuck up, scroll away and ignore. You may just as well unfriend them and keep the happy lot that are
entertaining you on your TLs.

Depression is a killer and when someone comes out depressed them you say it ain’t real.
People are out there depressed. People are out there suffering. People are out there fighting their demons and instead of bringing them closer, we are busy calling them childish? Maybe before someone friends you you should tell them to also keep it sunny.

Just because you can silently afford to handle your issues silently doesn’t mean anyone else can. Just because you have contacts that at one click away can help you out doesn’t
mean any one else does. We are not at the same point in life. We do not have the access to the same resources, cool friends and supportive families. Nope. We are different. And so by the time someone comes out for help then it is deep. Then it is real. People are
suffering. People are desperate. People are hurting. People are abused, bruised and stripped. Cheated. Betrayed. People are depressed.
We are destroying ourselves. We are destroying humanity. Discrediting it. So unless we listen and offer some help, we should just shut the fuck up and stop talking about depression any way. Are you the social media police officer in charge of happiness?
For this matter, if you are out there depressed and need someone to listen to you, you can hit me up in my DM. I may not be in position to help you financially or physically but I will listen and talk to you best way I can. I hear “You’re posting childish”. Fuck
you. Yes I am pissed so bad I am boiling. God.

Day 10 August Rush Blogging Challenge. How To Guide. How To Guide.

Everyday we’re learning & getting better. Today we’re also teaching & below I am going to briefly share a few tips on how to publicize your content & site.

1. Create your own identity if possible & preferably. An identity that’s in line with your subject matter. An identity people will know you for. It can be sports, business, life stories, erotica or like some of us, anything that comes by but under this one, you’d have to be unique about it so that people can pick you out if anyone comes looking for something that others know it’s you who knows better about it.

2. Use the right tags & categories on your posts for search engine optimizations.

3. Use good imagery on your posts. One that can relate to the content. Some people (like me) are sometimes attracted by images on posts. Some people (like me) are inspired to create some pieces just by looking at some imagery.

4. Follow the right sites on social media esp. Twitter. There’s a lot of supportive sites that can help you push your work through re tweets, mentions & writers lifts.

5. Be active on other people’s works. There they’ll appreciate your support & reciprocate. It’s great if you find those in line with your subject matter too. The number of ideas you’ll share is immeasurable. Like you coming here yet we’ve never met anywhere before.
Just as well, endeavor to like & reply to people’s comments on your posts. Even if one just said, “wow, great post.” Make sure you come back & like it & also add a “Thanks for reading.” on it. They’ll feel appreciated of their effort & time they spent on your blog. Why then wouldn’t they come back?

6. If there are writers’ challenges & you have content that can participate, take part. It’ll help you find a community to belong. Participating in Afrobloggers June challenge helped me a lot in discovering a lot of people & most of my followers have come because of it. Now where I am with the Ug Blogging Challenge & I am having a blast. They also help fuel your creativity.

7. Be consistent so that your work is out there. Imagine visiting to a blog that was last active 4 months back. Would you waste your time following it? I created a routine that I must have an article running every Saturday at between 9:00 P.M – 10:00P.M because I know that’s when most of ‘my readers’ are active.

8. Another important thing is to love what you’re doing. Unless you love it, you’ll constantly be frustrated, you’ll lose the creative powers & you’ll fall.

9. Create a beautiful, easy to navigate site that will attract people to hit the follow button and keep coming back for more.

Gaining followers takes time but they do come if you follow the right SOPs. 😉

Other than that, good night & keep on blogging.

Day 8 August Rush Blogging Challenge. Self Marketing.

I am not a usual fun of marketing. I’ve always avoided any opportunity that presented itself under marketing but life as you know it can be full of surprises, here I am stuck with Ug Bloggers making me market something about me. Let’s see how it goes. And actually this is a project I wanted to hold this year…and then someone ate a bat.



THE GENESIS “Embracing The Art”

Random Thoughts of Shadray is the social correction & critique blog of Kinene ‘Shadray’ Marvin covering a range of different topics creatively crafted to deliver messages on mainly; relationships, motivation, inspiration & life adaptation skills.

Shadray’s Creative Writing Class is going to be a free attendance writers conference (though open donations will be accepted) for people that are trying to discover their writing skills.

Briefly, it is intended to make manifest the writing spirit of beginners so that they can be able to produce that which is in their mind through realizing & embracing some of the key factors that make one a writer especially points like;

  • What motivates/ inspires one to write? (motivation)
  • Why does one want to write & what kind of writer does one want to be? (identity)
  • How does one want to be understood/ message delivery? (style)

Much as I have self-taught myself on this journey from reading about other writers’ works and personal experiences, there are a few creative writers’ events that I have attended & got enlightened from, like; 

  • The Uganda International Writers Conference, 4th Edition/ Creative Writers Master Class organized by the British Council East Africa Arts & The African Writers Trust 2019.
  • The Global Stance Workshops 2019 organized by Skillz East Africa.
  • The Creative Hustle Activity in partnership with the Uganda Press Photo Award organized by the British Council East Africa Arts, 2019.
  • Was among the invited guests attending the African writers’ reception for the famed Nigerian American writer, Okey Ndibe organized by the US Embassy Public Affairs Office & African Writers Trust.

With a Target attendance ranging from writers, media personalities, students, scholars & other writing enthusiasts, feel free to respond to the call when the lockdown is done & come take part in;

  • Learning about creative writing (from Shadray & select partners)
  • Motivation & inspirational talks relating to writing from select speakers (media personnel, students, sponsors)
  • Socializing/ relationship building, meet & greets.

Well, keep safe, keep creating and be up to represent when you get the news. See you when it happens. Adios.

Day 2 #AugustRush blogging challenge. Profiling My Fav Blogger.

Day two is here & today we’re talking about A Favorite Blogger.

This part is for a very long time going to be owned by Benjamin Musanjufu https://musanjufukavubu.wordpress.com/ & I am sure very many people will agree with me on this one. This guy is like the patron saint of mainly East African bloggers.

He’s a Ugandan blogger who I’ve met only once in person. A very jolly, informed person who just like me, blogs about literary everything.

This however isn’t what makes him stand out but his support to fellow bloggers Africa wide.
It’s like he’s dedicated his time to pushing every blogger out there from following their blogs to liking, commenting, re tweeting & tagging to collabos.

Seriously, that can’t be done by someone who doesn’t wish to see others excell.

A toast to you man.