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Live Within Your Means

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So, here’s the thing. You can’t be living the lit life on social media. Attending the craziest events & hanging out at the poshest joints & you expect people to think you’re broke? Why should they? It’s visually obvious you’re sending out the message that you made it in life. I mean, you’re attending events that many out there are wishing to attend but can’t afford to. What else do you want people to perceive of that?

With this illustrated lifestyle, everything about you is expected to be fast lane, boss. Rick Ross. Including accommodation. With the life you’re flaunting out there, we then expect that you probably crash at some posh villa with inbuilt facilities, Wi-Fi, poolside, inside bar or something. I mean, if you can afford to hang out lavishly then you can definitely afford to live in a well suited house. Mansion.

Where I am driving my point to is about a Ugandan social media frenzy about this lady who was put in a daily paper by her landlord for failure to pay rent amounting to about four million Uganda shillings. I posted something about it & someone asked me whether I knew her for me to judge & I actually don’t. It is too bad the landlord went as hard as putting her up in the papers. Insane it is but crazier are the guys who wanted to organize a car wash to help raise her rent. Seriously! These are the things that are moving us now? And then we blame the government for spending money on things like the three wheeled motorcycles? LOL. But why? Those things are a joke.

I would say, people have failed to grasp the basic knowledge of spending money/ resources & by our utter ignorance we’re seemingly ready to support it. By organizing a car wash fundraiser for an apparent slay queen who failed to raise rent but can afford expensive weaves & outings.

For starters, people should learn to live within their means. If you have a job that pays you a basic 500k for example then why stay in a house that charges about 400k? How are you going to survive on the remaining 100k for a full month unless if you get free lunch & supper at your work place & it pays your power, water bills plus facilitating your transportation? Is that why some girls open brackets to survive? How are you going to save for future projects if your dream is to get wealthy legally & morally off your sweat & yet it’s some of these virtues that you’re clearly not in line with? If you’re one whose source of income is not big enough to support your lifestyle, I’d suggest you get a basic house in a basic area, keep friends that you’re able to run to in case life is not smiling your way. People you can confide in when you’re troubled & they can offer you help. Usually the people in your phone-book/ social circle are an indication of who you’re as a person. If you don’t have people who can bail you out when life is throwing Muhammad Ali punches at you then you may definitely be in need of a new set of friends.

Sometimes we do the mistake of feeding our wants & not our needs. Of following a lot of that which glitters thinking it’s all gold. Of trying so much to keep appearances instead of focusing on personal development & inner peace. Of thinking with our eyes & not the brain. Shallow. Someone told me not to judge but naturally, humans will judge first on how you appear or what image you decide to show.

Part of my anger comes from an interaction I had with someone of quite a similar type. She’s this girl who is always uploading twerking videos in groupie moments at posh joints. Her belly out, skirt short, beer glass in one hand, voice high, crop top & ass to the camera or dubbing her girls. She in boxed me one time after I don’t know how many years and without even settling into knowing how our lives have been since we last met in 2014 which should be common courtesy, she was asking me for money for some campus issue. This is someone I think finished campus about 3 years ago & when I told her I couldn’t help her, the conversation proceeded not any further. A few days later, she was at the morally controversial Nyege Nyege Festival. I was vexed.  Even if your argument may be that she might have saved for the festival, wouldn’t it seem more logical if she instead used that money to cater for her education needs than a senseless festival? Like as if it’s the festival that’s going to get her a job (unless of course if she sleeps with the right people there.)

What A Girl Should Know.

Someone one day stated that “Every girl is a gold digger but the degree varies & it’s
dependent on how deep she feels you.” Well, that no longer makes the front page as it has become an everyday occurrence. At least every guy has experienced it in any one
of his relationships & some (guys) would testify that it was the incessant demands of the girl that broke the relationship while some (girls) would claim that they can’t put up with a financially unstable guy.

So our dear women keep crying for Women Emancipation saying how tired they’re of being kept in the shadows, trying to prove that they too can work as equally well & at times far more better than men in so many aspects of life, financial independence
inclusive but most of those who advocate for that are still the very ones who sit back & wait for the guy to take them out & do the bills & so many other things they call gentlemanly. What I’ve failed to understand is whether women emancipation doctrines refuse women to look after their men especially in financial matters but to
still offer themselves up for comfort sex once a deed has been done to them. This has
actually further upgraded your level of slavery in a way that those who still wait for the man to play the gentleman part have ended up having nothing but being
unknowingly miserable lots.

But why has it got to be like that? Where so many dames believe that a guy’s assets
are her entitlements? I thought that in a relationship, we’re all concerned for its survival so we’re entitled to pool resources together & sustain it. It has become rare for her to take you out, pimp you up or show any sign of financial /material support
yet she expects you to foot everything like as if she wasn’t living before your entree into her broke life. Like she doesn’t realize that all that money she requests you to take her out with or buy her something can be used to pay rent, start a business, or build a house & what happened to her family & relatives?

Thought they should be concerned too. Or they don’t get inspired by a few girls they see earning their grind & tipping off their guys? Some don’t realize that it’s some form of slavery where the guy can take advantage of her poor economic status to enslave her in the relationship while he goes to get some better ish from another dame …because he knows you have no way out but to beg for whatever he’ll donate to you.

We as guys know it’s our responsibility to spend on our girls but it’s not constituted anywhere that they should sit back on their loins waiting for when we’d earn so that they could eat. They should also play their part. If she liked the guy because he had a fair skin, cool shirts or kicks, then when she notices them going wrong at a point in time, she could dig into her pocket, pull out a note & say,” Honey, here’s some mulla.
You could go buy yourself another cool pair.” That wouldn’t hurt I suppose because you’re investing in your relationship. To cut the long rant short, here’s a statement to think about; ‘MUCH AS IT’S DEADLY FOR A BROKE GUY TO DATE, IT’S

Why Society Loves To Hate Slay Queens. Literary.

I would like to assume that by now, everyone knows who a slayer is. Particularly, a slay queen. But for a few of those who have been living in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, slayers are the latest kind of people who are living life in the fast lane. They walk around with the coolest gadgets, hang out in the baddest joints, always involved in the juiciest relationship drama, have a massive following on their Social Medias and always looking good in the latest fashion trends that there is. Not like that coat of many colors ish that Samuel’s mother made in your days. Nope. These guys, some are even literary walking around naked. They have the latest fashion some before it even hits the main stream market. Yeah. They are that fast lane kind.

But living all these kind of lives, they are as well embroidered in a world of hate and competition. Money and body and blood. Envy and loath. It is not a smooth sailing as they try to be relevant. Straining hard to be in our faces. Or other people’s beds. Like the word says ‘slay’. There are many who want to slay them and these are the reasons why I think so.

Party and Travel

Everyone has their favorite artists, band, movie, event or entertainment act. A dream place to go. That swanky restaurant, club, hotel, beach. People they would love to see play or act or anything of the sort. But usually, sometimes, even with jobs that pay us on a regular, we may just fail to have the money or the time to attend to these things or have no access to go hangout with them. But here comes this girl who has no steady job, still a student or is always usually hanging out and you are asking yourself where her money comes from and she is here taking pictures attending that event that you have always wanted to go to yet for you who works at a steady job with steady income and is older and seems to be having your life figured out already but you cannot attend these things. How?

Do you know how you can be on social media throwing DMs at everything that is pointing at that event that is going? It makes headlines with its insane lineup of artists and media coverage and crazy international artists and sponsored by big brands and the tickets are up and you cannot afford them? The latest phones that the tech slays are tweeting about and stuff? People filling their Instas with pictures of the latest events and you are their looking like cursed? Yes. These slayers already got the tickets. Do not ask where some and how they got them. You really do not want to know.

Love/ Sex/Booty

One of the things that slay queens stocked up on is the booty. A major weakness for man. Whether small or big, these girls just know how to flaunt it. They have the most killer poses that glow up the internet. No wonder they are called lit. Their photos are always getting those magnanimous likes. They make everything about them seem sexy and presumably make their sex seem like it is the best thing you will ever have when she serves it to you. This has made many men become slaves to them. One picture and he is dreaming of her all day. She can send him a peep pic and locks his senses out of his head for a long time. He may as well end up serving her his entire bank balance. One pic will always get them a million inboxes from guys. Slay queens have always depicted the image of sex queens. Sex goddesses and this has made them a threat to many loyal, ordinary girlfriends. Always scared that their guys are having a moment with these girls. They always think it is some alien sex going down and because sex has usually been a big factor in many relationships.


If it’s not the latest iPhone it is some other crazy gadget that an ordinary me only stops to look at on the streets. Window shopping. These girls have them as their own. Mainly I think for the camera. Cheap phone cameras are crap and their memories can’t handle all the apps that make them look lit. Snapchat, photo filter apps and editors. They carry phones as big as billboard screens.

Looking good

You see, everyone wants to look good. Everyone wants to front an appearance where they look so stunning everyone else should look on in awe. Who does not want to bump into their ex looking fire or their enemies looking like they never fazed, really? So these looks that everyone is admiring to have and the latest clothes that make people want to break through street windows are donned by the slayers. These guys always dress to the nine. The latest bags, designer. The latest kicks. Designer. The suits, the shades everything. Like Brisna, It is always on point. The haircut and hair style on point. The lip works, facials, manicure and pedicure glossy.


People usually say slay queens are broke. That it is because of this they are compensating with all that splashing. That is why they will always look out for those men that got the moneys to alleviate them from poverty. Dude, if your bank account ain’t dripping then they ain’t a go area for you. You gonna curse. Maybe that is the reason they usually go for married men because since marriage these days is not for the broke, the targeted married men got the money and because many marriages are not running smoothly these days, they know these married men are out looking for fresh blood and they’re willing to pay to have it. So, these girls just play the cards right. And after getting these moneys, with their poor investment skills, they will go and spend it like crazy. Well, after all they sweated for it. If you know what I mean. Man shall eat off his sweat. Amen!