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Move On

For how long are you going to spend your life caring about someone who pays the least attention to your feelings? Trying your best to impress them, to offer them the best that you could but they always taking you for granted. Useless.

Got you thinking that you were tailored to them. Flirting with you in their bed of lies. Nicki Minaj. Lifting your spirits up when they’re burying you six feet under instead. We ain’t supposed to be punished for loving people because love is supposed to be cherished, celebrated, god damn we’re supposed to be elevated in it not excommunicated.

You weren’t made to slave away for these people for you’re a free spirit…Life is too short to spend it with ungrateful sadists. Trying to take them down with judo & kungfu? Yet all you gotta do is to ignore them coz mama taught you not to waste time on such fools. So go on & be you with nothing to prove. Leave ‘em tripping like they always do.

For you’re now free to spread your wings & go explore your emotional potential elsewhere. Amazing is what you’ll find out there.

For all the rivers you may cry for the broken heart you are, you must find it in you to find a bridge & cross over to the other side where the grass is greener.

Yes you may find it hard to live without them but even before they came into your life, you were living & doing fine, so still, you can go back to eventually making it without them. Case closed. Am bouncing out.

May We …

May our hearts never change when we fall in love with someone. May they stay true, pure & excited as we met them first. May they not waver, stumble nor sway in times of lack & faced with seduction from external forces. May our souls not fall to lust. May our eyes keep glued to that one person they saw all the beauty in.

May we never break the promises we make when in the sweetest moments of love. Ride or die. May we not set bad examples to the art of love. Why should we make others curse it? When it’s post to be a blessing. Oh baby, love gets me wilding.

May we never elevate people’s spirits & then disappear & leave them hanging. Ghost. May we never be a source of someone’s depression. Tears of broken heart. Suicide. May we never make people question the beauty & authenticity of love.

May we be the reason for someone to believe in love. Priceless.
May we be….like love itself.

Inspired by the song; Love me – Zayn Malick ft. Kygo

Looking At The Picture.

Looking at the pictures of what was us, perfect couple of what was us. The smiles of what was us. The glitter in the eyes of what was us.

Looking at the pictures, I then wonder, frozen in time of what were the happy moments. The hopes and dreams that we had for us but the camera froze in time. What happened to the love that was? An earthquake? Should I call it a heart quake that ripped through and tore us apart? And what remained was a picture in time?

Looking at the picture, I feel like crying, not tears of joy but of loss, for a love that went but here it remained…frozen in time, in a picture in my hands. Haunting me like a ghost. The Conjuring.

They say a picture speaks a1000 words, oh what the heck, this one cries too, for the love of what used to be us. In a1000 ways.

Looking at the picture, I turn away, like it’s the plague. Book of Exodus. I side away, for the hurt & pain I cannot say. For a love frozen in time…and I could never bring back.

Live Within Your Means

Internet image

So, here’s the thing. You can’t be living the lit life on social media. Attending the craziest events & hanging out at the poshest joints & you expect people to think you’re broke? Why should they? It’s visually obvious you’re sending out the message that you made it in life. I mean, you’re attending events that many out there are wishing to attend but can’t afford to. What else do you want people to perceive of that?

With this illustrated lifestyle, everything about you is expected to be fast lane, boss. Rick Ross. Including accommodation. With the life you’re flaunting out there, we then expect that you probably crash at some posh villa with inbuilt facilities, Wi-Fi, poolside, inside bar or something. I mean, if you can afford to hang out lavishly then you can definitely afford to live in a well suited house. Mansion.

Where I am driving my point to is about a Ugandan social media frenzy about this lady who was put in a daily paper by her landlord for failure to pay rent amounting to about four million Uganda shillings. I posted something about it & someone asked me whether I knew her for me to judge & I actually don’t. It is too bad the landlord went as hard as putting her up in the papers. Insane it is but crazier are the guys who wanted to organize a car wash to help raise her rent. Seriously! These are the things that are moving us now? And then we blame the government for spending money on things like the three wheeled motorcycles? LOL. But why? Those things are a joke.

I would say, people have failed to grasp the basic knowledge of spending money/ resources & by our utter ignorance we’re seemingly ready to support it. By organizing a car wash fundraiser for an apparent slay queen who failed to raise rent but can afford expensive weaves & outings.

For starters, people should learn to live within their means. If you have a job that pays you a basic 500k for example then why stay in a house that charges about 400k? How are you going to survive on the remaining 100k for a full month unless if you get free lunch & supper at your work place & it pays your power, water bills plus facilitating your transportation? Is that why some girls open brackets to survive? How are you going to save for future projects if your dream is to get wealthy legally & morally off your sweat & yet it’s some of these virtues that you’re clearly not in line with? If you’re one whose source of income is not big enough to support your lifestyle, I’d suggest you get a basic house in a basic area, keep friends that you’re able to run to in case life is not smiling your way. People you can confide in when you’re troubled & they can offer you help. Usually the people in your phone-book/ social circle are an indication of who you’re as a person. If you don’t have people who can bail you out when life is throwing Muhammad Ali punches at you then you may definitely be in need of a new set of friends.

Sometimes we do the mistake of feeding our wants & not our needs. Of following a lot of that which glitters thinking it’s all gold. Of trying so much to keep appearances instead of focusing on personal development & inner peace. Of thinking with our eyes & not the brain. Shallow. Someone told me not to judge but naturally, humans will judge first on how you appear or what image you decide to show.

Part of my anger comes from an interaction I had with someone of quite a similar type. She’s this girl who is always uploading twerking videos in groupie moments at posh joints. Her belly out, skirt short, beer glass in one hand, voice high, crop top & ass to the camera or dubbing her girls. She in boxed me one time after I don’t know how many years and without even settling into knowing how our lives have been since we last met in 2014 which should be common courtesy, she was asking me for money for some campus issue. This is someone I think finished campus about 3 years ago & when I told her I couldn’t help her, the conversation proceeded not any further. A few days later, she was at the morally controversial Nyege Nyege Festival. I was vexed.  Even if your argument may be that she might have saved for the festival, wouldn’t it seem more logical if she instead used that money to cater for her education needs than a senseless festival? Like as if it’s the festival that’s going to get her a job (unless of course if she sleeps with the right people there.)

Lead Me On.

I love you without borders. I love you like you weren’t a stranger. Before. That was then though, because right now you’re my lover. It’s like a dream boo. It’s coming through. God sent. Dream come true.

You found a way to make me surrender to you & I gave myself in to love, ignoring all my insecurities. All the love dangers. Seeing beneath my beautiful, you’re my power ranger. A life saver.

Take my hand baby & lead me to freedom. Free from the loneliness prison. Lead me to see the beauty in the world in its wholesomeness. Restore in me that was stolen, I was heartbroken but now I am willing. Call it healing. Let me walk this journey with you. No staling. Take me home. It’s high time the boy moved on. It’s been so long. Lead me on.

Finalized it listening to a cover of Heaven by Bryan Adams