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Day Four of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. Falling In Love With A Creative.

It’s the last day of week one. I have lived through the week, hurray to me. ‘I’ve literary stepped into each day with a blank mind but somehow survived through it. My work schedule hardly lets me rest. I am a lover guy and I just can’t let the whole week go without some love…Now let’s see how creatives deal with love.

people like Casa. He lives here… casa

When you fall in love with a creative, you’ll be immortalized either through music, poems, stories, paintings, photographs or videography. It’s our thing when we get romantic. Immortalizing the people we love. 

However, how you’re immortalized depends on how you related to the end. If the relationship blooms to bear fruit, you will live in be immortalized in the most beautiful way unimaginable. But it dare ends in tears, you’ll wish you never met because the immortality will knock you so hard you’ll take time to walk again. 

Here’s what I am talking about;

This was love, 

I like inhaling deeply when you’re nearby so that your scent lingers in my nostrils, long enough for me to hallucinate & day dream about you throughout. I like brushing against you any chance I get so that I feel your presence on my skin. That close moment bathes goose bumps all over me. I come alive.

I like it when we wrap our pinky fingers together in the packed office, standing in positions where no one is looking, silently whispering I love you’s to each other & stifling the smiles that come after.” 

And this is when love is lost; 

I was too blind to notice that this love we shared wasn’t gonna last with me. Try to make you & me become we. Heart matters tragedy.

You talked of true love when you was with me but when you hooked up elsewhere I can hardly even believe that you was real with me.” you can find the whole post here.

We’re just that emotional but what kind of emotion depends on how you relate with them. 

Day Three of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. A Dented Dream.

Every end of a year has people setting up goals and plans for what the next year should be and once the new year pulls up, things are set in motion. that was not any different with how I looked at 202o. However, life had other things on its bucket list, the damned COVID-19.

I have been writing for quite some time and admittedly, my writing has inspired many other people into either enjoy reading or joining the creative writing industry. Once in a while I would receive people asking for advice on how to write or express themselves through writing basing on how I made them feel with mine. I have inspired exs of mine into embracing writing and it was always
amusing. Dating a writer is bae. I even at one time called out people that I wanted to start a one month WhatsApp group where I could share free writing tips to those that wanted to embrace the arts and a few people turned up. The energy in there was good.

This made me set my eyes on 2020 as the year for me to hold my first creative writing workshop; Shadray’s Creative Writing Class. The Genesis. “Embracing The Art”.

Because I feel I am also still learning much more about writing, I wanted to host this free event for those that were still at the very beginning of the craft so that they get into it well knowing about their niche.
This was going to be a free attendance writers’ conference for people that are trying to discover their writing skills mainly focusing on helping ‘young’ writers with framing words from their mind to paper or any other format which usually is a computer.
Briefly, it was intended to make manifest the writing spirit of beginners so that they can be able to produce that which is in their mind through realizing & embracing some of the key factors that make one a writer such as; motivation,
identity & style through seeking to answer questions like;

 What motivates/ inspires one to write? (motivation)
 What kind of writer does one want to be? (identity)
 How does one’s writing want to be understood/ message delivery? (style)
But this dream has not died with last year and I am going to try embarking on it again. a creative out there needs a hand to help them express themselves. So help me God.

Day Two of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021

Why a creative needs to participate in such challenges.

Well, welcome to day two of the #WinterABC2021. Day one went superbly well I must admit. Many salutations to those that decided to take part.

As we’re still about the creatives’, welcome to day two. Hope you love this one too. A creative artist is one who expresses their feelings, ideas, talents, or gifts for either entertainment, education, or as a form of influencing social change. (My definition) This can be a dancer, vlogger, podcaster, painter, a writer belonging to so many of the numerous forms under it (I am mainly a relationships’ blogger), an activist, etc. as it is quite the norm these days than ever before.

It takes a creative, only to know how crazy and intricate this field is. It’s highly competitive and changes too fast that one slip and someone else has taken your spot therefore it may need one to work double-time to stay on top. One of these double-time efforts is taking part in activities like the Afrobloggers Winter ABC and below is why you damn right should.

  • It helps you maintain consistency. Like I said in the opening, a creative needs to be consistent. You need to get into the habit of establishing a consistent routine. Something that your followers will keep track of you about because we definitely need a following. Consistency will bring perfection and perfection will bring exposure which in turn will bring you deals (gigs) and then voila, you’ll see yourself earning from your trade.
  • Networking: No man is an island. You need those connections buddy if you are to survive through these streets. the winterABC challenge is one good avenue to make those important connections because it not only exposes you to your local bloggers but to the international world as well. These will be the kind of people who will recommend you to other people, who will collaborate with you or offer you other great niceties that may come along the way. never ever forget that one of the ways of building these networks is by following other people’s works, reading, sharing, commenting and replying to them because people only ride with those that ride with them.
  • Self-development (writing and reading): Writing and reading especially every day is hard. That’s why they’re called skills and skills don’t come easy. Participating in challenges like this would definitely help you polish these skills. The challenge you’ll get after reading what other people have put up will push you back into your hole and try to make yours come out better. That’s where the magic comes in. From such healthy competitions because now you’re on a bigger level where you have to level up.

just s well, it helps you with thinking fast. Coming up with different posts every day for a full month is not easy. Your desire to be consistent will be exhibited in how fast you think because you wouldn’t want to be caught behind time. The panic induced disappointment.

  • Exposure: This isn’t your local street challenge. The winter ABC is an international challenge that exposes your works (and site) to readers and fellow creatives even outside Africa. The exposure you can get out of this is good enough to give your site ratings, stats and growth and these are numbers that can get you gigs and whatever else you may be looking for.
  • Helps you learn about other fields in the game: This works through the different topics we’re given. As mainly a relationships’ writer, I am looking at the weeks where I’ll be talking about advocacy, business, fashion etc. and that will be a changer in my game. Reading what others will have written will be an eye opener into those other fields. Who knows, maybe you may find your creative juices belong there or it may be so good that you may find yourself expanding your creative arsenal and boy does being knowledgeable pay off.

And with those few pointers, if you are reading this and are still contemplating on whether to join in or not, I hope I have managed to inspire you. Now open up that blank page and write away, we at the Afrobloggers family will be around to help you push for the better. See you in my newsfeed soon. Peace.

Credit goes to Lebogang of sanctuary of greatness for her day one piece here inspired me to come up with my day two-piece. See, that’s one of the importance of reading. the inspiration from others.

Day One Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021.

The 2021 Afrobloggers Winter ABC (African Blogging Challenge) #WINTERABC2021 is here again. Organized by Afrobloggers, an African-based creative hub for different content creators uniting Africans here and beyond, Afrobloggers, it’s an exciting period for bloggers to engage in something like this. A learning point for many as well as a great way to make all those incredible networks in this field.

I first engaged with this last year, same period and boy was it insane. Last year’s challenge, so us working out different topics each day and I must admit that I was shook at how I was able to come up with content every day. My imagination was challenged then stretched.

This year, they have decided to make it simple by giving us four topics, one each week, Monday to Friday of June except on weekends for resting and networking. What one posts must align with their site’s theme. 

I am thus looking forward to walking through it with you. Your likes, follow, and engaging conversations will be most welcome. Let’s get into it.


Shadray’s Top 5 Life Hacks

In life, everyone is trying out the next, nearest or easiest thing to make it through. Some go legit and others are living by the “fake it till you make it” code. As long as they get to their goals. But on your way in trying to get there, there are a number of factors I think one needs to consider;

  1. Talent/ Skill/ Hobby

I would like to carry all the above three under one basket because none is hardly different from the other. When you master one, it may just as well pass off as the other. So, to the point, it is best in life for one to have a talent. It may be a sport like soccer, athletics, chess, tennis, fencing name it. It can be passive; like reading, oratory skills etc. and these are important because;

We are never sure how life turns out. Unless of course, usually, when your parents wield a lot of power that they can influence companies, organizations or government departments to slip you in. Or maybe, they stacked up a bank account for you with all the dollars. Ching*

Talents/ skills/ hobbies can act as alternatives in case one’s education career turns out different. We have all seen footballers start their careers at early ages of life and now they’re mega-rich. Musicians like Eddy Kenzo of Uganda. dropped out of school at a very tender age, did some odd jobs until he joined the music industry, and went on to be the first and probably the last Ugandan artist to win the BET which his fellow educated counterparts haven’t done yet and probably won’t do and he is at this moment the biggest music export Uganda has.

It can be a good means to keep fit as an exercise and keeping busy. Imagine all the calories you burn while trying to extinguish your opponent.

It can be an alternative in one’s retirement days when they cannot be employed anywhere.

It can get you a job where academic qualifications are not needed and we have over a million other examples of people who have ea rned and made it in life because of how far their talents, skills or hobbies have taken them like David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Dennis Onyango Serena Williams, Adele, Beyoncé etc. therefore as much as we are pushing our children and friends or even ourselves to excel academically, we should also strive to discover, nurture and promote our talents.

However, we should not force people into it but one should discover it from within themselves because these are usually inbuilt and passion about it is a great attribute.

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” ― Benjamin Franklin

2. Education

In present day, you can hardly be successful anywhere without an education. However minimal it may be. At least you should know the basics. It is thus advised that much as you have a talent or any of the above, an education must also be in tow. It is the springboard to higher positions in life because it is one of the major things they look at when you want to take up more responsible and or bigger positions and projects in life.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey

3. Social Skills

How we relate with others can also determine how we far we fare in life or the distance our life is pushed forward. Poor social skills will at times get us into more trouble and back steps than forward therefore we should teach ourselves and especially the younger generations (Millennials) on how to relate with others because the world is becoming smaller and yet one giant global village. Unless you can get along with others, everyone is going to leave you behind and no one will miss you. Friends are important because;

  • They can be there when you are sick or doing badly in life and financially.
  • When you are looking for jobs or favors.
  • In times you need company and companionship.
  • When your life is going astray they can counsel you. The list is endless.

“It doesn’t matter how many A-levels you have, what kind of a degree you have, if you have good manners, people will like you.” Kate Reardon

4. Positive Energy

Sometimes our life is controlled around what our minds think of ourselves or perceive of the things around it. In case your mind is always negative when in situations where you are faced with favor, opportunity or grace, the outcome may just well be poor because your negative mind could not give you a positive feeling therefore, we are usually advised to wake up feeling good and then also stay away from people with negative ideologies and mentalities.

Always teach your children to be and think positive or good of themselves. It will reflect in their activities and outcomes.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson

5. God

And most importantly, we cannot forget or put aside the biggest factor in our life. That is God and always putting Him first. He is the holder and provider of everything so it is best that we always put our life before Him and our trust in Him because if it wasn’t for Him who knew us even before we were born then none of everything that we are would be. Teach everyone to be religious. Pray to the Lord you believe in always. He is the alpha and the omega of everything.

“Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God’s word, and trust the process.” ― Germany Kent

With these simple life hacks, I believe life can never go wrong, unless of course, if your fate is entirely doomed. Be blessed.  

“…..Life is a beautiful story but we’re the ones who determine it with our, Actions, Thoughts, Beliefs & Choices.” – Shadray