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Day 5 Of The Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021What Should be the Mood For Social Media?

Do not post your issues on social media”. It is childish to put your problems out there. Find a way to address them”. This is advocacy & activism week of the #winterABC2021 & we’re post to be standing up for something. Today I am standing up for those who personally & or physically have no one to talk to but social media & against those who always find amusement in shutting them down.
We have come across posts of this kind in our different Social Media. Where people are dictating on others about what to post yet I have never seen it recommended anywhere when I am opening accounts on any social media that “Thou shall only post content where thee are happy so that you can please they? Have you? If you have, please send me the screenshot, the link. I need to be woke.

Therefore, I have come to realize that we our very own selves are the ones that are fueling the depression that we keep trending around. We are the ones that keep asking where humanity is headed to yet we are the ones that keep fuelling it low key. Why are we forcing people to keep up with a lifestyle that they cannot afford? Borrowing clothes to look lit, forcing to hangout in places where they cannot afford to be. Girls sleeping for
tickets to events just to keep up appearances. Like as if there is a prize for having the flyest social media account on line.

How can someone come out seeking help and the best we can do is to tell them that it is childish to bring forth our ‘dark’ issues online. That they are best resolved off of the internet. I thought it’s called social media for a reason not please me media. How does that even work? Where are our hearts? Where is our humanity? The world is destroying itself slowly by slowly. People on suicide through depression and we’re telling people that when they post their issues they are childish? When people come out for help and we tell them that it is childish, so when are we going to help them? What is a mature person supposed to post? I need a memo. Are we even intending to help them? Are we even worthy of being friends? If you cannot help someone then shut the fuck up, scroll away and ignore. You may just as well unfriend them and keep the happy lot that are
entertaining you on your TLs.

Depression is a killer and when someone comes out depressed them you say it ain’t real.
People are out there depressed. People are out there suffering. People are out there fighting their demons and instead of bringing them closer, we are busy calling them childish? Maybe before someone friends you you should tell them to also keep it sunny.

Just because you can silently afford to handle your issues silently doesn’t mean anyone else can. Just because you have contacts that at one click away can help you out doesn’t
mean any one else does. We are not at the same point in life. We do not have the access to the same resources, cool friends and supportive families. Nope. We are different. And so by the time someone comes out for help then it is deep. Then it is real. People are
suffering. People are desperate. People are hurting. People are abused, bruised and stripped. Cheated. Betrayed. People are depressed.
We are destroying ourselves. We are destroying humanity. Discrediting it. So unless we listen and offer some help, we should just shut the fuck up and stop talking about depression any way. Are you the social media police officer in charge of happiness?
For this matter, if you are out there depressed and need someone to listen to you, you can hit me up in my DM. I may not be in position to help you financially or physically but I will listen and talk to you best way I can. I hear “You’re posting childish”. Fuck
you. Yes I am pissed so bad I am boiling. God.

Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.

From collaborative words driven by Benjamin Watch & a feature of the beautiful Louisa…Imagine drinking from broken glass or eating from a broken plate, if it were to happen successfully then it would need a certain amount of care……………So long as she loves in her own way, and accepts to be loved at her own pace of a broken soul I don’t care if she doesn’t want an official marriage or even the prospect of kids, I am fine with her. Broken things are not for an imperfect man to fix. Love can fit and come out from any sort of crack. We are all broken in some form.

If you have been to Benjamin WATCH Blog before you can figure out which exact blog post the words or portion I and my two friends are building on. No, I will not be providing the link to the piece. When I put out a tweet asking for someone to work with on this post, Louisa from Malawi and ‘I Marvin’ from Uganda honored the call. So here we go on the positives for loving broken souls.

“We are all broken”, they say in some aspect. But that is more of a coating that can come off as an insult to someone who has really been broken by the past. The world is an ugly place that anything can break people, from careers to romantic love to family backgrounds. Imagine telling a lady or gentleman who was sexually assaulted in the past by those they loved that we are all broken. It would be cold of you. Broken people are seen to be unsteady and unreliable especially when it comes to relationships in their lives. Being in their lives seems draining and it really is but it can have a side to it, and it does.

Broken people live in pieces and bits that may never come together again but that is one of their many refinements. They can effortlessly share themselves with you if you try so hard to get close to them. The fact that they give love a chance after going through whatever broke them is a testament that they have enormous love deep in them, it is as though they don’t fear love. They sometimes “over-over” since their care for those that take interest in their flaws is beyond normal.

Broken people are the nicest beings at living in the moment and they make the moment wonderful since they know they are volcanoes with not much time. The way they love if they are to is special, they love the heaviest and are precious at it. They can be sunshine on a rainy day. Broken people know what it means to love since they have been hurt in the past.

If you want to feel like or even be a superhero, love a broken soul, the adventure of handling a time bomb in a person can be a thrill. An extreme sport of a kind. They will bring out the best in us because we are careful not to incite the demon in them. Sometimes it’s beautiful to when you wait on a broken soul to start loving you back because they take forever to.

The most important thing you need is Patience. Patience is what makes you understand them, and gives you hope that they will come around. Most will have the Wall of China built around their heart, to protect them from the evil outside. Instead of acting like a tourist, be a wall guard. Be there to guard their hearts just like they do it.

See, there is something beautiful in broken. The most beautiful of vases are those that broke and the pieces were glued back together. A tale of hope and restoration, a desire to hold on. Like glue. The scars show strength to hold it together. And though they will push you back, and make it seem like you are the reason they are broken; know that deep inside, they are fighting with themselves over the emotions they feel. The desire to be free from the broken past and a taste of freedom to give love and be loved back in equal or even more measures. To be able to live life and create new memories with someone that won’t mind the scars on them but sees the special in them all over again. A silver lining on the horizon.

It’s your role to show them this positivity and to assure them that all will be well. Be their knight in shining armor that they been waiting for. To the last drop be there, be patient, be loving.

Louisa is a Malawian poet, art lover & blogger. You can Follow her journey, thoughts and craziness through her blog posts. https://thelouisamsiska.com/
Find her work here

Benjamin is from Uganda & he’s constantly ‘Questioning the question.’ A very spirited promoter of creative creators across this rock we inhabit called Africa. He’s intuitive work can be found here https://musanjufukavubu.wordpress.com/

I must admit I was excited to do a writing collab this year & this opportunity was totally amazing. Please do check out the links provided for these people have amazing works that will keep you thirsting for more.

Why Society Loves To Hate Slay Queens. Literary.

I would like to assume that by now, everyone knows who a slayer is. Particularly, a slay queen. But for a few of those who have been living in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, slayers are the latest kind of people who are living life in the fast lane. They walk around with the coolest gadgets, hang out in the baddest joints, always involved in the juiciest relationship drama, have a massive following on their Social Medias and always looking good in the latest fashion trends that there is. Not like that coat of many colors ish that Samuel’s mother made in your days. Nope. These guys, some are even literary walking around naked. They have the latest fashion some before it even hits the main stream market. Yeah. They are that fast lane kind.

But living all these kind of lives, they are as well embroidered in a world of hate and competition. Money and body and blood. Envy and loath. It is not a smooth sailing as they try to be relevant. Straining hard to be in our faces. Or other people’s beds. Like the word says ‘slay’. There are many who want to slay them and these are the reasons why I think so.

Party and Travel

Everyone has their favorite artists, band, movie, event or entertainment act. A dream place to go. That swanky restaurant, club, hotel, beach. People they would love to see play or act or anything of the sort. But usually, sometimes, even with jobs that pay us on a regular, we may just fail to have the money or the time to attend to these things or have no access to go hangout with them. But here comes this girl who has no steady job, still a student or is always usually hanging out and you are asking yourself where her money comes from and she is here taking pictures attending that event that you have always wanted to go to yet for you who works at a steady job with steady income and is older and seems to be having your life figured out already but you cannot attend these things. How?

Do you know how you can be on social media throwing DMs at everything that is pointing at that event that is going? It makes headlines with its insane lineup of artists and media coverage and crazy international artists and sponsored by big brands and the tickets are up and you cannot afford them? The latest phones that the tech slays are tweeting about and stuff? People filling their Instas with pictures of the latest events and you are their looking like cursed? Yes. These slayers already got the tickets. Do not ask where some and how they got them. You really do not want to know.

Love/ Sex/Booty

One of the things that slay queens stocked up on is the booty. A major weakness for man. Whether small or big, these girls just know how to flaunt it. They have the most killer poses that glow up the internet. No wonder they are called lit. Their photos are always getting those magnanimous likes. They make everything about them seem sexy and presumably make their sex seem like it is the best thing you will ever have when she serves it to you. This has made many men become slaves to them. One picture and he is dreaming of her all day. She can send him a peep pic and locks his senses out of his head for a long time. He may as well end up serving her his entire bank balance. One pic will always get them a million inboxes from guys. Slay queens have always depicted the image of sex queens. Sex goddesses and this has made them a threat to many loyal, ordinary girlfriends. Always scared that their guys are having a moment with these girls. They always think it is some alien sex going down and because sex has usually been a big factor in many relationships.


If it’s not the latest iPhone it is some other crazy gadget that an ordinary me only stops to look at on the streets. Window shopping. These girls have them as their own. Mainly I think for the camera. Cheap phone cameras are crap and their memories can’t handle all the apps that make them look lit. Snapchat, photo filter apps and editors. They carry phones as big as billboard screens.

Looking good

You see, everyone wants to look good. Everyone wants to front an appearance where they look so stunning everyone else should look on in awe. Who does not want to bump into their ex looking fire or their enemies looking like they never fazed, really? So these looks that everyone is admiring to have and the latest clothes that make people want to break through street windows are donned by the slayers. These guys always dress to the nine. The latest bags, designer. The latest kicks. Designer. The suits, the shades everything. Like Brisna, It is always on point. The haircut and hair style on point. The lip works, facials, manicure and pedicure glossy.


People usually say slay queens are broke. That it is because of this they are compensating with all that splashing. That is why they will always look out for those men that got the moneys to alleviate them from poverty. Dude, if your bank account ain’t dripping then they ain’t a go area for you. You gonna curse. Maybe that is the reason they usually go for married men because since marriage these days is not for the broke, the targeted married men got the money and because many marriages are not running smoothly these days, they know these married men are out looking for fresh blood and they’re willing to pay to have it. So, these girls just play the cards right. And after getting these moneys, with their poor investment skills, they will go and spend it like crazy. Well, after all they sweated for it. If you know what I mean. Man shall eat off his sweat. Amen!

We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We should learn to forgive. Forgetting may be hard but at least forgiving may be lenient thus we can try. Some people may repeatedly hurt us, do things that push against the wall or fail to change their ways for the better but we can try to forgive them. We can try to be that human.
It is one of the only ways we can show that we’re God’s people as we claim to be.

It’s only human. But they too should know the vitalness of the need for them to change & create an atmosphere that warrants them to be forgiven.

Forgiving, especially if the betrayal comes from someone you really had deep attachment to & had created deep memories with is hard to come to terms with but sometimes, sometimes, you may have to try ignoring what was. Push it to the back.

It may not come overnight & just trying to forget what was is itself painful enough but we can only try.

Occasionally, the pain may come back. Maybe through people talking to you about it, the photos, music, movies, hangout joints etc. will be there but we can try.
It’s all I can say & as well add on what the Bible says that “Judge not & you will not be
judged, condemn not & you will not be condemned, forgive & you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37.

There’s a lot of love needed in this world & forgiving may be one way to help heal
those wounds.

We Ain’t No More!

You don’t deserve my love, for you don’t deserve my heart. Because that’s
where my love comes. A very sacred place.

You played with my feelings. My feelings you turned into your play park. When I had gotten so excited & put my feelings in it. Into us. We.
Hoping for the best of what I thought we would become. I was seeing you & me together, loving ourselves to the limits. But then bitch you broke me, now I’d even given up with the healing.

They say all that shines ain’t gold. I saw you as the purest. Oh how I was fooled. Now
you got me in folds. Cold. Hw did you even act like that? You deserve an Oscar.
When you left me with a scar. Taking me for a ride. Your life was a car. I was the
blind passenger.

I can’t imagine enough how you now got me feeling rough. I thought I was
tough but girl you tried to get the last laugh.

But I am now done over you, I am walking away. Craig David. I feel like I am winning. Ain’t no tripping no
more, you can go get chilling out with the devil. #bars