Move On

For how long are you going to spend your life caring about someone who pays the least attention to your feelings? Trying your best to impress them, to offer them the best that you could but they always taking you for granted. Useless.

Got you thinking that you were tailored to them. Flirting with you in their bed of lies. Nicki Minaj. Lifting your spirits up when they’re burying you six feet under instead. We ain’t supposed to be punished for loving people because love is supposed to be cherished, celebrated, god damn we’re supposed to be elevated in it not excommunicated.

You weren’t made to slave away for these people for you’re a free spirit…Life is too short to spend it with ungrateful sadists. Trying to take them down with judo & kungfu? Yet all you gotta do is to ignore them coz mama taught you not to waste time on such fools. So go on & be you with nothing to prove. Leave ‘em tripping like they always do.

For you’re now free to spread your wings & go explore your emotional potential elsewhere. Amazing is what you’ll find out there.

For all the rivers you may cry for the broken heart you are, you must find it in you to find a bridge & cross over to the other side where the grass is greener.

Yes you may find it hard to live without them but even before they came into your life, you were living & doing fine, so still, you can go back to eventually making it without them. Case closed. Am bouncing out.

Moments For Life… Memories

Moments for life. I wish I’d kept track of them all throughout, I’d have an album of thoughts, memoirs and literature, photos unskipped.

It would be worth it I swear. From when, how and why we met, the journeys taken, hopping from here to there. Love bunnies. What we’ve done with us, for us. The steps we’ve taken and when we’d faltered together, how we picked ourselves up. Team work. The great times spent together, where I’d lent a helping hand and you as well. When I’d turned into a jerk in front of you and you jerking on me as well. Geeky stuff.

Moments for life. The best and worst of them all in one but lots of pieces though. I seriously wish they last forever and keep me company cause even though of your absence, I still have something to hold on to. I still have the moments for life. Of what was us. You and I. A ride into the sunset.

It Must Have Been Love

It Must Have Been Love…When I saw you first & sought you out.
When I knew your flaws & ignored them. Never used them against you. For I was looking at the bigger picture. Of course, that’s of me & you.
I’d looked into my future & placed you there. For what is eternal love if I only wanted to live it for that moment? I saw you in my lifetime. For that is love if I can keep it for a life time.

It must have been love. When I kissed your lips & let myself drown in your
romance. Damn. How my heart sank with emotion for how I longed to be swept away with romance, to hear those words. Their depth. Their meaning. The faith they spring. A beacon of hope. Their sincerity. Their effect on a heart that’s longing to be loved. Mine.

It must have been love when I defended your mistakes. How I gave allowance to time thinking you’d change. A hope to things going back to how they post to be. I thought your errors were to be corrected & as blind as they say love is, my eyes failed to see the end of things till it was too late & now what I thought was true love is over. Roxette.

Men Falling In Love (2): Sexual Attraction Edition.

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Like I said in the physical attraction edition, , naturally, men are visual when it comes to things of love & romance. We so very much first judge books by their covers. If what he sees gets him attracted to the lady then she’s worth having a go for.

In continuation to the physical attraction, there are those who aren’t just about what she looks like physically, they’re about how sexually she makes him feel. And many of them do end up on the wrong side of the books form the ladies about this.

They factor in how her body features give him that longing desire. Is it something about her face, the ass, the curves, the smile, boobs, the belly flop & love handles you name it that get him feeling the heat? I’d prefer you agree with me that you’ve met men who have said that for a woman to fit their dating criteria, there has to be that sexual connection. That it doesn’t matter what she looks like as long as her sex is 5o shades doper.

Some even go ahead to pick particular body sizes they find fit for the occasion while some do not mind about the size. They first want to go in between the sheets to determine what next for the relationship. If they find the sex is wack then it’s a no no but if the sex is magic then he’ll be keeping her around. Some think the largely endowed women are succulent. That they can gush the Nile if you hit it right & there are those that are turned on by the superstar model sizes & each with their own category will do whatever it takes to get such a woman & many try to make sure their woman (plus women too to themselves) stays looking fly like that so that she doesn’t lose that magic.

However, such men are hard to please & tame & usually they’ll have a string of women in their wake because they’ll always be on the hunt driven by lust & not their commitment to settle down & if a man presents this thinking when he’s dating with you then safe to say that you should turn him down lest the next time we bump into you & ask about how you two are doing, you’ll be labeling men dogs.

Men Falling In Love (1): Physical Attraction Edition.

Naturally, men are at first contact, visual when it comes to things of love & romance. If what he sees gets him attracted to the lady then she’s worth having a go for. Usually, first rule to getting to choose a female is dependent on how she physically attracts him & how she uses those physical aspects to keep him interested. The face, the hair, the ass, the curves, the smile, boobs. You name it. How she uses them when she’s walking, talking, smiling, touching then comes into play. Unfortunately, some women are gifted with great curves & legs but walk like ducks. Some are gifted with great lips & teeth but laugh & talk like SpongeBob. In this case, there are men who feel that they can’t go for a woman who will get the world questioning what the hell he was thinking to go for such a woman.

After that physical attraction feeling has been created then he’d go further to know what lies beneath. “Okay, this girl looks angelic & all but what is her thinking capacity? How does she reason? What are her interests? How does she handle money? How does she cook?” Etc.  Therefore it now comes to revolving on how she reasons, thinks, interests etc. & if he’s turned off from that stage then he’d probably conclude that that is wasted beauty & he’ll retreat. 

That’s why you’ll get many men saying that “The first time I saw you blah blah blah” & not “Before I even saw you, your intellect struck me telepathically.” This isn’t the Joseph, Mary & the Holy Spirit era.

That’s why so many women with a prospect of hooking up mind about turning up dripping hot & not with their degrees or other professional attributes pinned on them as first impressions because they know the power of first impression in attraction. The commotion this situation causes among men excites a lot of women & that’s why many end up flaunting it everywhere with catchy captions on their social medias. Captions that seek to get validation from the male species. 

However, the initial physical attraction factor is something many women have failed to understand & when you tell that to them, they’ll think you’re perverted & only flirting, simply running after their southern parts. You can’t blame them though because it’s a common occurrence & this now is the stage where the man has to actually prove his intensions. Like the same way we can’t understand some feminine issues like the magnitude of menstrual pains, they can’t understand some ways of a man either & we’re supposed to peacefully coexist with that.