How does someone even gets to know that much?

No person will ever be all friends to another of the same sex who seemingly knows much about their partner. In any normal setting, you are the only person qualified to know the in and out of your partner. Their likes, dislikes, talents, skills and hobbies, family and stuff.

But then there may, unfortunately for you, come up someone else who may more seemingly know much about your partner than you thought you did.

Their knowledge about boo may seem to even shudder your inner thoughts as to what and how the heck do they even get to know all that? Like what really is going on? It’s even a show stopper when your partner may on the other hand seem casual about it and be like, “he/she is just a friend.

I am sure if you two became friends it would be a great deal” and you’re like whaaaaat? Are you even serious? It’s like telling Spiderman that the guy who killed his uncle didn’t intend to and that the fool was actually innocent.


The beginning

Well. Since this is my first time to use this site, allow me just say, “thank you for coming to my site. Here is hoping that we shall enjoy my sarcasm, silliness and all. Cheers”