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Day 5 Of The Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021What Should be the Mood For Social Media?

Do not post your issues on social media”. It is childish to put your problems out there. Find a way to address them”. This is advocacy & activism week of the #winterABC2021 & we’re post to be standing up for something. Today I am standing up for those who personally & or physically have no one to talk to but social media & against those who always find amusement in shutting them down.
We have come across posts of this kind in our different Social Media. Where people are dictating on others about what to post yet I have never seen it recommended anywhere when I am opening accounts on any social media that “Thou shall only post content where thee are happy so that you can please they? Have you? If you have, please send me the screenshot, the link. I need to be woke.

Therefore, I have come to realize that we our very own selves are the ones that are fueling the depression that we keep trending around. We are the ones that keep asking where humanity is headed to yet we are the ones that keep fuelling it low key. Why are we forcing people to keep up with a lifestyle that they cannot afford? Borrowing clothes to look lit, forcing to hangout in places where they cannot afford to be. Girls sleeping for
tickets to events just to keep up appearances. Like as if there is a prize for having the flyest social media account on line.

How can someone come out seeking help and the best we can do is to tell them that it is childish to bring forth our ‘dark’ issues online. That they are best resolved off of the internet. I thought it’s called social media for a reason not please me media. How does that even work? Where are our hearts? Where is our humanity? The world is destroying itself slowly by slowly. People on suicide through depression and we’re telling people that when they post their issues they are childish? When people come out for help and we tell them that it is childish, so when are we going to help them? What is a mature person supposed to post? I need a memo. Are we even intending to help them? Are we even worthy of being friends? If you cannot help someone then shut the fuck up, scroll away and ignore. You may just as well unfriend them and keep the happy lot that are
entertaining you on your TLs.

Depression is a killer and when someone comes out depressed them you say it ain’t real.
People are out there depressed. People are out there suffering. People are out there fighting their demons and instead of bringing them closer, we are busy calling them childish? Maybe before someone friends you you should tell them to also keep it sunny.

Just because you can silently afford to handle your issues silently doesn’t mean anyone else can. Just because you have contacts that at one click away can help you out doesn’t
mean any one else does. We are not at the same point in life. We do not have the access to the same resources, cool friends and supportive families. Nope. We are different. And so by the time someone comes out for help then it is deep. Then it is real. People are
suffering. People are desperate. People are hurting. People are abused, bruised and stripped. Cheated. Betrayed. People are depressed.
We are destroying ourselves. We are destroying humanity. Discrediting it. So unless we listen and offer some help, we should just shut the fuck up and stop talking about depression any way. Are you the social media police officer in charge of happiness?
For this matter, if you are out there depressed and need someone to listen to you, you can hit me up in my DM. I may not be in position to help you financially or physically but I will listen and talk to you best way I can. I hear “You’re posting childish”. Fuck
you. Yes I am pissed so bad I am boiling. God.

May We …

May our hearts never change when we fall in love with someone. May they stay true, pure & excited as we met them first. May they not waver, stumble nor sway in times of lack & faced with seduction from external forces. May our souls not fall to lust. May our eyes keep glued to that one person they saw all the beauty in.

May we never break the promises we make when in the sweetest moments of love. Ride or die. May we not set bad examples to the art of love. Why should we make others curse it? When it’s post to be a blessing. Oh baby, love gets me wilding.

May we never elevate people’s spirits & then disappear & leave them hanging. Ghost. May we never be a source of someone’s depression. Tears of broken heart. Suicide. May we never make people question the beauty & authenticity of love.

May we be the reason for someone to believe in love. Priceless.
May we be….like love itself.

Inspired by the song; Love me – Zayn Malick ft. Kygo

Embrace Your Jealousy

Believe it or not, we’re naturally wired to feel a bit of jealousy in the face of some other people’s glory. Unless of course if you’ve already reached that cosmic religious realm where your feelings are not of the world. But back to normal humans, like in a case where your peer is doing something that you have also wanted to do but it hasn’t clicked quite yet for you as you want it. Well, man is not immune to sinning. Reason for the commandments but then a little envy never hurt no body if at all one channels that feeling to positively better themselves.

Some may be travelling the world, others wedding, birthing, running projects or putting up a crazy villa blah blah blah & this all getting to your head. Strategizing & re-strategizing trying to figure your bearing in life. Questioning whether the gods have ever been on your side? Are they using you for a poverty case study on earth?  Social media isn’t helping at all either for many have used it to portray a life they aren’t living. All their apparent success is flooding your timeline yet some simply walk into a building & strategically take pictures, post them up & portray a master life.

All this should not get to your head. Just try to channel that energy to bettering yourself. You don’t need to drag yourself into unwanted battles of comparison with others. Work on your time, on yourself. None of these people brought you to the world to start demanding accountability from you about your life.

“If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.”

Just step out & get doing. Channel all that into an inspiration, a mission & get to work. Remember, we all can’t have everything at the same time. Today they do, tomorrow you’ll do. Some are privileged to get them freely but imagine the joy of you working to get them from your own sweat at the end of the day. Champion.

Take joy in what you already have because there’re those who have no idea of how to get even the little you have. That which you’re taking for granted. Stay woke.

Why Would You Even Hate Social Media PDA?

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It is always a good moment of love to me. Seeing that there are people celebrating love despite all this chaos going on around us. Today, browsing through my news feeds, I am loving watching couples post away, deep in love. Eating out, having a great outdoors, hanging with friends, movies, goofing or geeking around. Those mirror selfies. It is always romantic & lovely to me seeing couples walking into shops, restaurants, malls or on the streets loving themselves. Eavesdropping on some of their conversations as they are talking love to each other gives peace to my soul.

Ignoring the wars, pandemics, slave trade, coups & all the noise, that there are some people who are enjoying their moment without caring of the level of PDA they are exhibiting.

But then there is the dark side of those who always hate on it. Who fail to ask themselves or lay down the criteria of what pictures one ought to post. There’s no award ever given for the posts that you share that they’re the best. Unless of course if you’re running for some photographers award competition. If you do not want to share love with your partner then that’s your problem. Let those who want to do so do it. If you’re not happy of them at least that’s you. There’s always those that will be happy of theirs. If you don’t want people to post of their lovers, what do you want them to post? The toilet?

If you snatched your partner from someone else & you fear the back clash, sorry. If they’re ugly A.F, sorry. If your family isn’t happy of your choice, sorry. If you’re an introvert about such stuff, sorry.
Let those that are not make the noise. We should always have a reason to celebrate & love is always up there on the list. You feel at liberty to post soccer updates, inspiration posts or awkward filtered pictures so why be hateful of those celebrating their love online? It’s a free world & love is the greatest thing to happen to man. Let’s celebrate it when we can.

Even though sometimes eternity cannot be guaranteed in our love lives but by the fact that at that moment it exists, let’s be free to celebrate it. Even in the open.

Getting Hot

Baby let’s get it on.

Taking everything slow.
Your clothes off, drop them on to the floor.
Everything in slow motion.

My body on yours. Yours on mine. Legs locked, arms moving. We get in line.
Touching you in awkward places. Filling your body with kisses. Temperature rising, our sheets are the wettest.

Triple sweat trickling down in watery tricklings.
I touch you there you touch me there. Orgasmic perspirations.

Swing mode, dick mode. It is time to engage all modes.
We on one let us forget about our stresses
And enjoy our carelessness.

To be continued…