I Won’t

I won’t promise you heaven, I don’t know what it looks like nor will I promise you the world, there’re just so many presidents. I won’t promise you riches, I haven’t made up mine yet & I won’t promise you a palace, I still struggle with my rent.

I won’t start with saying I love you, because there’s just so many that’ve said that to you & I won’t compliment your beauty, you’ve already seen that in your mirror. You already know.
I won’t promise to make you feel like a princess when I am not a prince myself nor a queen, I’ve never been a legit king.

I won’t say you’re my number one because you’ve had a lot of them too. I won’t talk about faithfulness because you can’t guarantee it either. I won’t be the Mr. Right, no one is that perfect & won’t say I’ll be there in every situation but will only try not to be lost.

I won’t easily promise you anything, they’re just the easiest things to break, experience has taught me but I will only come to you with a sincere heart, say that everything will be alright, I will try my level best & ask for your love.

I will only ask you to take faith and step with me into this and it’s either for you to say yes or no. But do you really want to break my honest heart?

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