Month: October 2020

It’s Hard To Believe…That You Left.

…that you no longer wanna talk. To me. The deep conversations. When you used to say that my voice was like the best song. To you. RnB. Like your favorite rhythm & blues. Singa. Ykee Benda. It’s hard to believe that you no longer wanna walk. With me. Nor do lovers things in the house. In the dark. On the bed. On the streets. Passersby are our witnesses. It’s hard to take it in that I lost it all. I took the fall. Sky fall.

It’s hard to believe that now what I got are the memories & scars. Of the life that we had, the laughs & the cries. The fears and our strengths. That was love. The dreams & the plans. The dates & the fights. The love that was made, the passion & its flames. 50 shades. Now fading. Like the sea waters that had washed up on the beach but now ebbing.

It’s hard to believe that I always told you that I never wanna lose it at all. Now I wish I had screamed the words. Written them on a rock or tattooed them on. Permanency. Now look at me, a moving, heartbroken Neanderthal.

It’s hard to believe that there’s nothing that you did without knowing its outcome. And even all your apologies & cries still none convicted you to stay. When I’ve ever talked to you about everything that you broke. And everything that you broke were my promises & insecurities to you that I’d spoke. Iscariot. What a waste of whatever I told you. You girl, you stung me deep to my soul.

It’s hard to believe that now I have another…battery dies.

In The Rain, She Left.

The rain beat relentlessly on the roof of their small house. A few flashes of lightning. The winds howled lowly. The trees stood still gloomily in the dark, bathed by the moonlight. Dead night.

The room was a mess. Sheets lay crumpled on their bed, pillows laying lifeless on the cold floor. He sat in one corner of the bed, head bent into his hands. Eyes red, thoughts deep. A man defeated.

She stood by the door way. It is open, curtain flapping into the room like a ghost is making its way in. Her suit case made, her funny pack strapped on yet it wasn’t even funny. It’s a cold morning. Raining.

She’s leaving & no matter how much he’s pleading, how much he’s declaring his undying love for her in this cold morning, she stepped out into the rain, & with her umbrella sprung, she left him.

It’s not always bliss when it rains. Tears rolling. 

If Love Is…

If love is a game, I play to win.

If love is edible, I prefer mine sweet.

If love is a drink, I take mine full.

If love is a sanctuary, then in it I reside.

If love is air, to me it’s oxygen.

& if it were water then mine is from the purest fountain.

If love is the moon then I am the wolf.

If love is a flower, I am the bee.

If love is a religion, I am a devotee.

If love is a dream, then I don’t want to wake.

If love is costly, then mine is priceless.

If love is a star, then I strive to reach.

If love is the world, I’d like to live everywhere.

If love is a gem, mine is precious the rarest.

If love is rare, so with mine I don’t share.

If love is you, then I love you me.

I Won’t

I won’t promise you heaven, I don’t know what it looks like nor will I promise you the world, there’re just so many presidents. I won’t promise you riches, I haven’t made up mine yet & I won’t promise you a palace, I still struggle with my rent.

I won’t start with saying I love you, because there’s just so many that’ve said that to you & I won’t compliment your beauty, you’ve already seen that in your mirror. You already know.
I won’t promise to make you feel like a princess when I am not a prince myself nor a queen, I’ve never been a legit king.

I won’t say you’re my number one because you’ve had a lot of them too. I won’t talk about faithfulness because you can’t guarantee it either. I won’t be the Mr. Right, no one is that perfect & won’t say I’ll be there in every situation but will only try not to be lost.

I won’t easily promise you anything, they’re just the easiest things to break, experience has taught me but I will only come to you with a sincere heart, say that everything will be alright, I will try my level best & ask for your love.

I will only ask you to take faith and step with me into this and it’s either for you to say yes or no. But do you really want to break my honest heart?

I Want You To…

Give me your hand so that I take it.
Give me your heart so that I love it.
Give me your trust so that I keep it.

I want your lips to meet mine so that I kiss them. Your hands in mine, let me hold them. I want to lean on your shoulders. Rest there & forget any other issues.

Love me, because I do you. Stay with me because I want you to. Live with me because you compliment me. I want you to love me, the way I do, the way they didn’t love me too.