Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #13 A Notable African Personality I Would Love To Meet & Why.

I must admit the Afrobloggers Winter Challenge 2020 is here to Africanize us in all ways. It is here to stretch us through everything African one way or the other. From vernacular proverbs to African personalities.
It is simply interesting to say the least.

Now as of today’s task, I am at a cross roads. I am someone who is simply not star struck. I take long to
get my feelings into wanting to someone influential. It only happens while I am in a place with them that maybe I may want to meet them and share with them something but reading, watching or hearing about them, I rarely get the urge to meet them.
But never the less, let me bend the rule a little and talk about a few of them that I’ve instead met and really got blown away in no particular order;

  1. Okey Ndibe, a Nigerian American writer I briefly met during the reception hosted by the US
    Embassy Public Affairs Office in Uganda. He had been flown in as a guest tutor for the Professional
    Training Workshop for Creative Writers organized by the African Writers Trust through the
    arrangement of the US Consulate.
  2. Stella Nantumbwe. Miss Uganda 2013. I met her during the Paple Rayn Fashion Uganda 3rd year
    anniversary fashion show. I was the event’s media coordinator and it was a pleasant pleasure to work with her.
  3. Malaika Nyanzi. A Ugandan mcee and radio show host. I met her during the 2016 Genesis Fashion show held by Hellen Lukoma. I was the overall event coordinator.
    Each one of these people have something I loved about them in particular. From their hard work,
    intellect to professionalism, I give them the respect.

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