Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #7 5 Bloggers In My Country; Uganda.

The blogging community in Uganda is what I’d like to call ‘bubbling under’. There are so many great bloggers in the land but the platform is not yet grandly manifested. What we instead have is a bunch of social media rumor mongers & drama kings & queens fighting social media wars & stuff hiding under the title bloggers.

Ok. Back to our domain & in respect to todays challenge, here is a list of the 5 bloggers in Uganda.

The reason you are going to see these people on the list is because of their support in seeing that other people’s blogs are active through their likes, shares and comments and some are so because of the content they share that is touching people’s lives;

  1. Benjamin Musanjufu
  2. Druscilla Grace
  3. Ayshaz Tales
  4. Mable Amuron
  5. Khanani Daniella

These guys make you feel welcome.

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