The Kiss…

The kiss

…from a simple stroke of the finger, to a sweet whisper. From a gentle smile to a
chuckle. A kiss can come from every moment that you can make of. Oh how intriguing as to why we get our eyes closed because l wish that moment could be seen. But never the less, that moment when heads tilt and without seeing whatever is coming, your lips touch. How always memorable. Just like a touch on a velvet linen, soft, tender, smooth, is a kiss from your intimate lover.

A slow, tender, delicate assault, some to a steadfast explosion, like as if broken free from a maximum prison of lust or pleasure, a kiss is such a moment to last.

What a great but simple way to celebrate love. A moment of unity, fantasism, love, desire and passion. Be on the streets, garden, concert, living room, bathroom or bedroom, anywhere, I swear, that kiss is the simplest climax of a sojourn.

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