Stop Falsely Leading People On

It’s evil lying to someone that you love them when you don’t. You’re tying them down. Limiting their chances of being with
someone who would actually deserve their
love. And give them as great a love in return. Fake love is hard to hide as eventually the truth suffices & you don’t know how terrible the other person will feel at the end of the whole bull shitting. That’s how people start losing hope in love & you put the burden on the next person that will fall in love with them. They’d have to work extra hard to prove & earn that trust that you
severely damaged.

If you don’t feel the hots for that person from your heart then delay to get the whole thing started. Jump out of it at the first sign that it is heading that way. Example? You may be comfortable with someone. You respond positively to their vibes, hang out with them. Do all
nasty, crazy things with them but you don’t love them. But for them, they have feels for you and they think that all these signals you are showing are relationship indicators. And because you are benefiting from this situation with all the dates, the help and everything you are getting, you keep playing along. Leading them on well knowing you’re not into it.
With the way you treat them & relate pretty much shows you are into them but instead of telling them the truth that you don’t, you keep them around riding on false hope. Really? At the end of the day you should be polite & tell them; “Thanks for everything but me & you can’t work it, bye.” Instead of tying yourself to a situationship just because you fear losing out on
the good stuff and hurting them while at the same time hurting your own damn self. Probably limiting yourself and them from other potential real partners. Yes, when those that fancy
them or you, see that you’re both hooked (which isn’t true) they’ll just walk away to someone else. Like that.

Respect people’s feelings and let them go be genuinely loved elsewhere.

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