See Your Life!

See Your Life!

As some people are looking for avenues that would be vital in helping them achieve a next step in life & or attending positive causes & stuff, you are busy looking for friends that are planning on hitting the next party after the other, the next concert, the next drug abusing spree & when it is about using the internet, y’all been busy betting, porn surfing, slaying & senseless chatting. I ain’t saying you shouldn’t, I mean, you got this saying that You Only Live Once but damn, that once should just as well be lived with some sense of responsibility and achievements worth noting.

Life will soon be demanding you do something, you’ll remember that you need a connection somewhere, a coin that maybe you might have saved or a friend that could bail you out & those who did get something to do, are already doing something while some are in the pipeline to do something.

Look back & see where your fellow party animals, slayers are…some might have actually been partying well knowing something will work out for them. (Some people got connections, aloo) but you’ve never asked yourself where their money comes from yet you poor soul are spending the little that you got anything that and everything fwaaaah. Some of which you’re even borrowing to have thus widening your poverty cycle and this may as well swallow up your children too because of your poor planning. Forget this nonsense that the children will make their own. Trust me, it mainly starts from their parent’s background.

…..Life is a beautiful story but we’re the ones who determine it with our, Actions, Thoughts, Beliefs & Choices.Top of Form

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