Of Ugandan Artists’ Concert Costumes

Atakogga, Atagenda, Atagejja. The one and only music doctor in Uganda. Dr. Jose Chameleon. One of the most phenomenal artists Uganda has ever had. Trust me, it is not easy to reign for over two decades in such an industry. He also has a beautiful wife and children and his whole male sibling’s line is also artists. This guy is a true legend indeed.


One time he had a concert. Legend: Hit After Hit and the marketing strategy as usual for Ugandan artists was characterized with drama. From attending the longest gospel crusade 77DOGS to fictitious love battles with his wife. It is like there is no better way Ugandan artists can market their events minus stints and stunts.
The long awaited June event came. Lights, cameras and action were set. Everything was fine. Sound, lights, performances. Even the new MP Bobi Wine turned up but that is until Chameleon made the stage appearance.
At first I thought a big baby dressed in red and gold had stepped on stage singing his songs. There is a time his songs were rhymes to all age types. But big babies don’t have hoarse voices. The guy on stage was dressed in something that looked like iron man’s suit. I thought that Marvel Comics had also turned up to get lit by the legend. Kumbe nope, it was Jose Chameleon himself, as Iron Man. Talk about sending out indirect messages. I appeal to whoever was given money to style Chameleon that day should go back to him and refund the legend’s money. I do not even know if chameleon had done costume rehearsals before the event. Like, can’t Ugandan artists dress normally on their concerts? Why do they have to try looking like cockroaches, cobras, centipedes or Marvel characters? What if Marvel decides to sue you for abuse of their famed costume?
I seriously, unless if it is a play and that is the costume you are meant to wear, would like to tell all these Ugandan artists that even jeans, t-shirts & sneakers can be worn by a main act on their musical event. Those things of trying to look like Thor, Lucifer or Alvin the chipmunk are a waste of money and are usually a better way to look stupid.


Ugandan rapper Victor Kamenyo dressed as Superman with a shield, blade, shield and a vintage pistol and I cant place him to which category of superheroes he belongs.

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