Trust In God

Sometimes you don’t have to jump the que just to be where some of your friends at. I understand sometimes the pressure is there. The desire to be somewhere, to own something, to stay relevant but at times it may be God’s working. That you’re where you are at that moment.

When He’s using your situation to manifest His power. Take you through that situation to what is great that He’s prepared for you but damn, look at you. Lo & behold you bow down to canal pressure, peer pressure, sugar coated niceties, the doubting Thomas in you & boom, you’ve shot past your timing. Falling through God’s plans to satisfy your selfish, ignorant, eyes-in-hands mentality.

Sometimes the friends we so much want to be like are going through worse than us. Many are just good at wearing masks to make it look like they’re having a blast of a life. Damn. Some are in more messed up relationships but are hanging on because they fear public scrutiny & you’re there envying them. Some are riding on debts to maintain that A list look & you also wanna hold that Gucci bag to fit in with them. Some are bar hoping but you don’t know what they’re giving in return to attend those events.

There’re those wishing they had someone to go back home to but for you you’re busy pushing your partner to the wall over issues that could wait. That could first be discussed over. Some are wishing they could reverse some of the decisions they made but you’re envying their boldness for taking the steps they made. Some wish they had partners that could attend prayers with them. Put God in that relationship. A partner that would be supportive to their dreams & ambitions etc.

The world is crazy out there & if you bow down in too deep with how it’s affairs run, you may find yourself regrettably learning about life. School of hard knocks.

Just wake up & be thankful to God for the gift of life & the provision of something that puts cash in your pockets & or food on your table or the rent that you clear. The other bills. Be grateful for the friends you have especially those that keep you from making grave choices because there are some who envy what you have & can’t wait for the day you’ll be about to mess it up so as they low key cheer you on because they know that once you do, it’ll be the opportunity for you to fall to their level for them to rise up & shoot past you. Too bad we can’t check people’s hearts. Pray for more better opportunities & hope that God shows you what’s worthy to go for or not because some times we trust our silly minds hoping we can turn the tide around all by ourselves & then boom, things go haywire & then turn back to God for an intervention we could have avoided had we prayed for knowledge to know whether what we’re doing is the wise thing or not.

God has placed in among our friends those that can help give our life direction but because we fear criticisms, we tend to side with those that say words that are music to our ears. Pathetic, petty us. Pray for that too. Amen.

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