On Girls Hiding Pregnancy. My Thoughts Why.


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She was all over social media, posting pictures of her everyday life. Every travel she had made and place she has been. Her wall was like a travelogue. Every new fashion she rocked. Her wall was like a fashion blog. Every restaurant she wined and dined from, her wall was like a hospitality site. Every club she partied from, you may think she was a dance club ambassador. Her wall was always like an album for the world. You could literary know what she did or looked like an entire week just by visiting there and seeing her pictures.

But then she disappeared. Her social media profiles are now like deserted streets.  A few posts here and there. Scattered. Only words or bosom pictures. Nothing below. The next time she made an appearance was when she put up a picture of an adorable baby wrapped in pink and followed by posts of love and best wishes girls usually attach to their pictures and that is when the world got to know the reason behind her absence.

The reason so many women especially younger ones go into hiding once they get pregnant is because of the way most of the society looks at them. In most cases, once people see a female pregnant, they will start making all sorts of mental pictures of how the young lass got pregnant.

From how her body looks like between the sheets to how she might have moaned to the possible position she was smashed in and so forth. Some will even be directly rude and throw in crude comments like “kulika ogusajja” loosely meaning, congratulations for surviving the man. A female friend one day told me of how someone, a fellow woman, leaned in on her and told her “so we can now see that that night you actually slept naked”. So the issue actually extends to women as well.

This is why when some get pregnant, you will only see them after child birth. It is even worse when she is not married yet, they will see her as a deviant. A premarital sex offender. This stigma is real. Indeed it is mental torture. The evidence she carries around that she actually had sex, is not a virgin is really a heavy cross to bare but it is something we should not use as a tool of despise because we are all children of unprotected sex anyway.

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