Of Slay Queens & Relationships


Of Slay Queens & Relationships

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We have seen them and up until recently thrown shade at them. Either along the way, hanging out in swanky places or on our social medias. The ones with amorous pictures captioned with bible quotes or pictures with whole flower gardens on their heads. These are called slay queens. What they are slaying has not been concluded upon yet but their usual targets are men’s wallets and people’s relationships. May be it is where the word slay best falls. To kill. To destroy. To slay.
Why they choose other’s relationships I do not know but one of the reasons why it is them at the center of this is because of what they offer that comes along with slaying.
Many of an innocent girl’s relationships are going down because of these slay queens. That innocent girlfriend is the one who is always cautious of what they wear, say, do, hang out from or talks and refers a little in depth to God and probably all the saints and their relatives. Now this is the kind of girl who believes in the missionary and saying the grace before eating. Their definition of fun shares borders with boring. Their fashion sense mates with archaic and being sexy is still an unknown definition to them.


In parallel universes with slay queens, it is all these things that they have mastered. Their way of having fun is epic, fashion statements are MTV class. To them erotisism is on a XXX rating. They know how to pull faces and talk dirty. Things many a man usually wants to see in his woman.
Their booty and appearance can speak deep down a man’s soul before she even goes verbal. Many a man wants to taste a piece of that. Guys’ wallets run dry trying to have it with them or keep them in a home though these usually young girls are untamable. One night stands they can offer if you cannot afford to meet their daily allowance which may include a monthly new phone that comes with daily data, lunch fees, every weekend partying including major events, latest fashion trends, transport and the list goes on and on.
Currently, many a guy are wanting to date them. It is like the in-thing. To be seen with a girl who is on trend. Sharing borders with wanting to brag to their peers that they are having the untamable and this is where it gets messy. Brother looks at the good girl he has. The one who doesn’t really care about trends, sex is missionary and sleeping out is in a crusade and he sees what a bore it all has been. He then imagines a hell of a life with this flashy girl and sees that damn, this is Las Vegas. At least a piece of her once or twice. The slay queen does not really care long as you will afford the terms. To her, this kind of game is a thrill. Likes to be in drama. A subject for her latest social media posts. She knows she is good.

But about bad luck, it is when the good girl discovers her guy’s cheating ways and the dumping drama begins. The guy gets in the dilemma where he cannot keep the slayer because at first she has milked him dry and second she is already on to the next one. Much worse is when the good girl too resolves to become a bad girl leaving the next guy to date her in a tricky situation. Poor new boy might be the good type but that slay queen already spoilt that.

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