Of Jay Z Cheating On Beyoncé


Jay Z and Beyonce

One of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. An entertainment goddess. She has been on many a guy’s mind as a super crush. If she decided to offer her things for free to all and any man around the world, I am sure the waiting line of men would go round the world twice. She is rich too. So rich she can finance a whole ministry in Uganda for at least half a year. I think. She is literary much like everything. That is why some call her illuminati.
She has a man. Obviously. And he is mega rich too. Double, obviously. Let us not debate of his looks and just stick to his music, cash, projects and lately, his cheating ways, okay? Good. Yes. He was at one time said to have cheated on the woman mentioned above. He cheated on a woman we all once prayed that if we had a woman like her then we would go into the great hall of faithfulness.


To Jay Z, it is quite the opposite. He cheated. The reason why? We would never know but the bottom line is that he cheated and just as well shockingly but yet still expectedly, she still remained by his side and as always, we woke up to our usual selves asking how come and also throw shade at our Ugandan girls. Asking them where they get the nerves to scream, shout, intend to beat and also throw insults at us from our private rooms to every social media outlet. Branding us from dogs to any filthy thing they could think of. Even if the girl’s head holds hair as the only worthy thing yet it is also Brazilian.
But as you are there wondering how Jay Z can cheat on a mega rich, multi-talented, beautiful woman and wondering why she is still with him, you fail to point out that Jay Z is also as mega rich. Now days if love cannot bind you at least money will. But for Beyoncé’s case, I think it goes past his money. This must be true love. They have been through a lot (like I really know how much) but you dare be a broke down guy and cheat on a richer woman. You are going to get dumped right back into the Stone Age.

Rich people do rich people’s things.


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