Live Your Life!

Live your life

We are all created different. In taste, behavior, thinking etc. That is what makes us beautiful and so our life as well. That is what attracts other people to us. To enjoy our uniqueness. To feel the freedom that comes with how different the other person is.

There are however moments when that beauty is robed from us. When we are expected to live according to how others want us to. Also when we try to please others and in the process end up losing our true identity.
One thing we should know is that God has our life planned out. He has everything under control.

The times we get to spoil this uniqueness is when we try to live our lives pleasing others. The way others want us to be and we deny the chance of having those who would prefer us in our originality and their loyalty would not be questionable just because we didn’t act the way they wanted us to and getting them hating and calling us rebellious, misfits and all just because we wanted to be in our original form.

Doing things we don’t feel just because someone else wants us to do them and in the end we end up losing our identity & losing those people who like us in our originality.
If you want to help someone then you start threatening them to be the way you like. Sometimes you can help someone without making them lose their identity & they’ll still do as well. You don’t need to be much of a puppeteer otherwise people will start running away from you & you’ll start calling them names & get into silly mood swings.
People have also lost themselves trying to force life according to how others are living theirs. Just because someone has bought a car, you also want to own one. Like as if the other person is going to provide mechanics fees for you.

Just because someone has gotten married then you also put yours next year. Like as if they’re going to feed your marriage. Someone gets a kid then you also look for a pregnancy. Like the other person is going to take care of your baby for you. Just because your ex did this, you also want to do it. Do you even know why they did it? Do you even know how & where their life is headed? This not only puts pressure & untimely decisions that my result into poorly managed repercussions but also puts pressure on the people that love you the way you’re.

Our lives have a different timing. Much as there’s a common time to do some things, there’s no law that supports that then we should force things to happen then just because others too are.
We should all try to stay in our lines and true to ourselves just well respecting other people the they are because as long as it’s not breaking the law then why not? That’s what makes them beautiful. You don’t like the way they do it? At least someone else does.

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