I Want To Go On A Date.

I Want To Go On A Date..jpg

I want to go on a date. With someone incredible. Not the hulk. Nedda. Someone with whom we can laugh. No, wait. Where we can eat. Plus laugh. Yes, eat and laugh so hard we choke on our laughter. Where we’re both morons in perfect comfort with each other. Going geeky and cheeky. Lose ourselves to insanity.

I want that date where we’ll just behave like a bunch of happy adult Teletubbies. Break the British style kind of dates.

Where we can take to walking on the streets after causing havoc in the restaurant. With the evening breeze blowing us. Jumping over pavements and water puddles. Twisting and twirling on street posts. Play under street lamps. Steal kisses at dark corners. Disturb public peace. Get people peeping out of their vehicles. Asking who the heck those behaving like prison break inmates are. Call the police. I want a date where we’re not afraid to do PDA. It’s a new world. I can do that, can you? Pin you against a bank wall and give you quick kisses. While you’re giggling. Imagine.

I want a date where we are to create memories that we will look back at and laugh. Selfies. And ask ourselves what the heck we were high on and then we do it all over again. Timeless. Yes. Because we are timeless. That is the kind of partner one needs (But that may be a story for another day. Timeless) Sit on building steps & tell each other tales so colorful you can’t tell what’s true, what’s not? Tears rolling down our faces. Happiness. Stars smiling down at us, forgotten about our stresses. Turn the streets into a racetrack. Hold mini races. Bring Hollywood to Uganda. Such recklessness. Erase memories of the dates you’ve had before. Ride on boda bodas. Tempt the riders into street races. Our races.

I want you to wear my shoes because your feet hurt. Steal my jacket and I chase you for it. I want to see you sing and dance in the middle of the road. On those islands. Excitement. Then we stop at a stall and buy a rolex. Then hold food fights. Buy ice cream then eat it off your face. Tasty. I want to show you off to strangers. Passersby. I want to get them jealous. I want to redefine dates with you. I want to be crazy with you. I want to see that smile. Smile so hard till you fall back you head and your eyes completely close. I want to hang out with you and make sure every time we do, it is always memorable. I want you to be my perfect date. Let’s get crazy.

I Want To Go On A Date.

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