Getting Hot (Part Two)


Together, just the two of them. Soft slow music humming in the background or it’s Jay Z’s ‘Forever Young’ music, “let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while, heaven can wait, we only watching the sky”… So the lyrics go. The lights are out but maybe just a candle, as she stands in front of the dressing mirror. Its golden rays embracing her as the shadow dances on the wall behind her.

He creeps up behind her. Like an imposing figure as she takes hold of his hands & wraps them more around her belly.

She tilts her head to the side, leaving an exposed part of her neck for him to lay some warm kisses.

Indeed the temperature’s getting warm. He starts undoing her top & slowly slips it to the floor. Just then, she gets goose pimples as cold meets warm all over her body.

Her nipples harden, they show through her bra as he drops his right hand across her twins & cups her left breast, still enclosed by the bra. She just keeps getting warmer…even now when you’re reading this. His left hand slowly runs from her shoulder to behind her bra & it slowly pulls out the pins. It charges the bra guilty for holding the breast hostage & slowly but in no time, the bra slips off, exposing the boobs to the atmosphere of the hotel room.

The nipples keep getting harder. He can’t see them straight as their bodies are now no more than an inch apart but the mirror has become his ally as it displays everything. Her backside. The bottom glowing yellow.

It’s a wonderful view. Breathtaking. Then his right hand in an alliance with his left, ascend upon the breasts & simultaneously embrace the two in their wholesomeness. She holds her breath but the heartbeat is felt still…Tonight they’re indeed forever young.
I can tell you are swallowed into the moment…


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