Depression. How We Are Failing It.

Depression. How We Are Failing It (1)

When her body was finally discovered, in her room with a bottle of poison on her
bedside table & a note saying that she couldn’t live no more as a shadow in people’s lives, people who didn’t understand what she was going through, they finally, after a connection of dots here & there, found that she had actually been suffering from depression. And all they asked themselves was, how could they have missed the signs? How they didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t only them but it’s like that the world over. Many people do not see the depression in others until it’s taken its worst shape, a mental breakdown or at the very extreme, suicide.
One of the major causes of this is because many people don’t know what depression really is. To many, just because they’re able to deal with their problems, they can’t believe someone else can really be sad, broken or scarred for so long & fail to move on with their life. Others, they think that someone trying to seek for help against depression is a show off. Trying to seek public sympathy.

They may be right to an extent but it’s hard to tell. So, they take a seat back, relax & expect the gloom to pass over like nimbus. They ignore the storm that is brewing inside a person. The volatile crisscross of a million thoughts, ideas, images, memories, and mental stuff that bes forming a cyclone inside a small organ like a brain.Partly, I would blame it on the depressed themselves. Because so many of them have learnt to mask their feelings behind their smiley faces. Their fears, gloom, sadness & sorrow, they have hidden from society. They have instead offered an image of love, happiness, care to the people around them. Including those that would help them.
They have made people to believe that all is well. But then this blame I would transfer to us the people around them. Many a times we encourage such people to always bring forth their issues with an impression that we’re going to offer them a shoulder to lean on. A pat on the back or palms for them to pour their tears in. Then when they do, we go on to our social media & start telling people of how childish it is for one to start parading their problems on the media & so forth. We start calling it childish, attention trap & a publicity stunt thus leaving these people more confused, troubled, broken & doubting humanity.

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