The Contemporary Dance Night


Aerial view of the event.

Alliance Francaise Kampala, a renowned supporter of local performing arts alongside Dance Revolution East Africa (DREA), a dance and drama group organized yet again another edition of the contemporary dance nights where space is centered for engaging artists that need a platform to get their work seen and this was evident on the cool rooftop evening of 24th May when guests were entertained to amazing performances by  a number of solo and group of artists who each came with a performance ladened with mind captivating acts that made us dig deep into our minds and think about our planet, our folklore and politics.


Kagayi Ngobi performing.

The evening was opened by a poetry act performance from Kagayi Ngobi who descended from the roof top, dressed in a kanzu while reciting a poem as a spirit medium reading the signs of the present and appealing to the nation and ancestors to intervene in the chaos the country is headed to. His performance was supported by a drummer who kept the guests hooked rhythmically.

Freedumb by Joel Talemwa came next & he took us through a physics session kind of


Freedumb performance by Joel Talemwa

oration about colors. To me, it seemed more deeply spiritual. His performance revolved around the evocation of the racial oppressive history of our ancestors so as to focus their consciousness on racism, protest and fight against it in case such past events tend to happen again. How does the color fit in? As his performance is opening up, he squarely marks the stage with tape and sprays the square with different colors in which he immerses himself with a well-orchestrated dance routine that is pretty much out of local contest. When I read his profile, I could see that he has quite an experience in this thing.

The closing performance of the night came from Spot Lite Crew titled False Manifestos and was choreographed by Fazil On Yu who has as well replaced Sylar Robert Sempijja as the new team leader of DREA. Their contemporary show took us through a journey of deception ad self-deception in politics between the leaders and masses, a declaration of false policies, motives and intentions of leaders to their masses in today’s contemporary world.


Spot Lite Crew performing False Manifestos

Abramz Tekya of break dance project Uganda thanked the organizers for supporting such underground projects and the guests as well for always coming and supporting such projects.




The writer (on the right) enjoying a camera moment with a guest at the event.

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