My Heart…….Lived To Love You.

My heart was always in one piece when it had you. It’s now pieces when it lost you. It always felt safer whenever you held it. My life was
always comfortable when you had it.

When I used to lay down on you, with you or besides you, tired and burnt out. Having some small talk. Or when it was just a silent moment. When we
cuddled or when I was feeling low and blue, it was you. You was there, I felt you
and I loved you. Still do.

When I was happy and celebrating or when I was
anticipating big projects. I miss you. In all ways I wish you…could come back to
my life coz I need you.

Do you like it when I cry because I don’t. I don’t deserve to. I can’t help it tho cos you left. Do you feel
fine when I hurt? Now that you’re gone, do you feel a little free?

All I ever did was to love you, sincerely, I don’t understand why and how I ended up being

My feelings for you, do you ever consider them? At times? No? Is that
alright with you babe?

Said it was already late when I pleaded last time but when was it never late since
I’ve been pleading from day one and now I still do. Oh my case. Oh my heart. Oh
my love. You. Oh my girl. Why?

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