Childhood Bliss


Childhood Bliss

It is amazing how things happen. How at times things aren’t as clearly visible when one is younger but until one grows older could you see them, clearer.

Indeed the old adage is true, “the older the wiser” or they should have put it, “the older the clearer.”

So many times when you are at that childhood age, you may never see all that before you nor take actual notice but wait until you move a step older that when you look back to then, you can see what was and usually may laugh or feel pity at it.

For example, when we were young, we always wanted to watch TV but after the elder’s consent or approval. The approval came when you had been a good kid in the day. You had washed the dishes, clothes, swept the compound or cleaned the house. They usually used to rebuke us and we never knew why. But now, a younger one can ask for TV and I say no and I can see how very disappointed they are yet for me, I see I have done the right thing. Depending on the reasons. Back then, I could not understand.

Take from memory some of these examples. We always wanted to lay in puddles, oblivious of the dirty, muddy content in it but still we saw them as perfect places for merry making and would be so disappointed when an elder stopped us, feeling so misunderstood as to why someone would want us not to play but as I have grown up, I would do the same if I found a kid dipping in a puddle because now I understand sanitation, health and the like. This is because I have grown to hold a clear, conscious mind but that kid I am feeling as it was during my age could not understand why I am stepping in its business.

That is why people were right to say that the older the wiser. Indeed, stuff is true.

Oh, how about the classic example of when we didn’t know the beauty of sleep and whenever we were sent to have an afternoon nap or to bed early, we always went red with rage but now we are craving for sleep at any instant we could get it.

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