Booty 101

A bevy of pretty dames washes into the room. Vup on point, swag is lit & phones are dope & everyone gets looking obviously. It’s called stealing the show. But amongst them, tapping into some guy’s jazz, is one who’s taken the bigger part of the show. For she seems to be much more endowed physically than her pals. Her hips are competing with the rainbow’s point of curvature, her ass is the one hip hop artists like tapping on. She carries that bad-bitch attitude on her. Boys are stepping out to put an impression on her.

This is literary common everywhere. The big booty girls are receiving more attention than their other sisters lately. It’s topping the list of the must have features for many a slay queen. Artists are singing of them, videographers are hiring them, thousands of social media pages been created just put their pics up, many marketing teams are hiring them & their nudes do more rounds & raise much dust. It might be thus safe to say that they run the world if such subjects come up. And they too aren’t seated. They’ve invested in their assets. Clothes, cosmetics, phones though much of that come with a price. A price of pleasure & pain just to keep up the trend. Many a guy wants to bed her. Just to be seen hanging with a voluptuous one. Just to taste that cookie & then run onto the next one because their image evokes many a lad’s southern desires. Married men not sparing them either.

More like the whole community. Is it no wonder that many of them aren’t working either? Because they got Tom, Dick & Mukiibi financing for the consumption of those assets. You never asked yourself where most get all that party money from, expensive clothes & what not?

This has affected the trends so much. Girls that were once small looking like flamingos are now pumping it up just to match the competition. Buying fake hips, fake bums, getting their body parts pumped up to be able to compete & also tap that cash.

Most of them are the ones you find selling at night on the streets, dancing in that video, slaying on Facebook, strutting on product launches, waiting in clubs, sliding up & down poles, in the centre of other’s failing relationships.

It’s not to mean that all big booties do that but it’s evident that they rule in the mentioned fields.

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