Of Illuminati Songs


You’ve been scared of love …

and what it did to you.

You don’t have to run,

I know what you’ve been through.

Just a simple touch and it can set you free.

We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me”

So goes the lyrics to one of my favourite songs by the Weeknd ‘feel it coming’.
I am a Christian. A believer. Not the strongest but not a doubter. I am a huge fan of Beyoncé and Jay Z until I met this female who preached about how Beyoncé is illuminati 101. She watched some clips on YouTube that were dissecting her lemonade video. Talking of signs left, right and Center. About the lyrics and stuff. We failed to reach a conclusion on that of course but it still remained on my mind so the next week as I was stealing time off from my work I decided to run through YouTube catching up on videos. Particularly those of the songs I like and remembered The Weeknd has some crazy, wicked videos which might be a hub for illuminati stuff. I decided to land on Feel it coming.

My dear, the guy who broke down the lyrics and signs in this one just killed it. He started with the lyrics. The words are it. You may just hear him calling on the devil in there. The fallen angel. Best example is the hook extract I shared. If you are into it you may just stop being a fan. The video with the planets, lights, statues and snakes is just hard to disapprove. At one point the Weeknd is crawling to hold a snake that just slithered down the legs of a woman who just turned into a statue. How more wicked is that? By the time you finish through all this dissection, you are standing on the edge of what is right or what is wrong? The evidence is just too much to leave hanging. Faith and personal interests are on a clash here. I do not know if the answer to the question ‘is the illuminati real?’ will ever be answered.

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