Don’t Fall In Love With Someone Like Me…

Don't fall in love with someone like me.jpg

Don’t Fall In Love With Someone Like Me;
For me is a broken soul. A heart turned too cold it’s now a stone. A rock. No feelings. A former lover of the highest caliber but now reduced to a worthless but living spirit. I don’t even know myself sometimes apart from a crying man. Unorthodox. Other times I am a contorted face of sad emotions. Fear. Uncertainty. Sorrow. A heart with infinite pain. An opposite of what I was.

Don’t fall in love with someone like me;
For I seem to have forgotten what love is. For I am not sure how to love again. I can’t recall. I can’t deal. I am like a broken fiddle. A broken record. Static. Stuck somewhere on replay. I am boring. A normal day. I have a heart on fire. A mind as volatile as a nuclear reactor. Sometimes my body, detached from my mind, is just like a wondering zombie. I am scared. My heart is scarred.

Don’t fall in love with someone like me;
For I don’t know how to trust. Because the trust I so much once gave was paid back to me in betrayal. By a person I very much took as the best. My life.
Have you ever thought that your life was complete & then bang, someone takes away the most vital part of you? Love. For I still call upon the gods to help me execute vengeance on my behalf. But yet then my spirit has never been that evil though now I’ve been pushed to the limit. But that’s the person I love(d).

Don’t fall in love with someone like me;
For I still have to learn how to love again. That includes trust and that shit is expensive. Trusting someone for all the time you have been together and then they pull a penalty on you. Do you want to teach me? How to build trust and love again? Spend your time & resources? On a broken vase like me? I don’t know if I won’t hurt you. Trying to find leverage for the pain others caused me. Vengeance on an innocent, beautiful soul like you. I don’t want to cause you pain. For the feelings I once had there are still somewhere in here. Painfully. Because they’ll never be given an audience again from whom they used to beat for. Still beat for. I am wasted.

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