Uganda. Let The Pearl Shine.



+256 is our country code in case you want to come visiting

That country in East Africa, Capital city Kampala

Oh, did I even tell you the name? That country is Uganda

Some christened it Wakanda, that movie, Black Panther

Why not? For some locations are here in our motherland Uganda.                                                       

A very receptive nation for the people are so lively bordering with homely,

We are a multi-cultural country so all nations are welcome, you will never feel lonely.

The weather is always lovely and with our fertile soils, you will never go hungry

As we play host to those visiting.


The largest tropical lake in the world, Victoria.

What a marvel we are, we are even crossed by the equator.

The national parks are already gifted with all types of flora and fauna.

With a snowcapped mountain, an arm of the rift valley, The Nile also stands out, from here to the Mediterranean.


Uganda, our pride of a nation. Our motherland, we should preach it to the world and let the pearl shine.

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