Let It Be About You

let it be you

It takes a great deal of self-study and self-motivation to understand yourself and not from others’ point of view. To put yourself first and realize that you matter, firstly, to your own self.

To realize that every inch of your life depends on what decision you get from what others say or do to you or from what you decide for your life to be. The ability to process that information and making sound decisions out of it.

Many times along the streets of our lives, we are made to believe that we live our life on what others consider appropriate. Sometimes we end up sacrificing our happiness, goals and ambitions just because society and usually family especially those that wield power ‘money’ over us will not be pleased with us. Even though we know it would be vital for our personal growth. They try to decide on what education we ought to take, career to choose, whom to love or get married to, when to have kids etc.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t have reference from people’s point of view for it is obvious that sometimes we could not do the things we do if it were not for some people but we should also be able express our inner desires for sound decisions to be made for our own personal growth. (No man is an island.)

It is not bad that they do, I mean sometimes we need someone to look out for us but some other times, it is all just too much.

To achieve this level of self-discovery is not an easy feat to pull off though. It takes great courage, strength and determination to stand up and be counted. You needed to bring forth your communication skills A-Game. In many instances, these people may be right and they may be willing to support and stand with you but if you were thinking otherwise then it is best you communicate. And in time. You have to create peace, first of all because trust me, nothing is going to be understood if you are all having your tempers flaring across the room and the environment should be comfortable for you all so that you bring forth your ideas in peace.

You have to reason out your points pretty good. You have to give reasons why you are doing what you want to do and the benefits of why you are doing that what you are on to doing that what you are doing or want to be doing.

But it is high time we grew up and stood up and looked our life in the face and made those decisions that would grow us because in the end of it all, the end product is you. A life you did not live basing on what you would have wanted to be but feared to stand up and speak up for yourself is not pretty fancy, you know.


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