On The Sexual Objectification Of Women


She flipped open her insta page and dropped a ‘fire’ mirror selfie of her in her latest sexy attire and captioned it “All this juice for tonight, where the boys at? #booty #sexy #b!@%$” She then took a Uber to the club and stepped into the world of deafening music, drugs, booze, neon lights and sex. She stepped out into the club wearing nothing but a black fishnet with a color matching thong and bra leaving nothing but a large volume of her butt cheeks and cleavage hanging out. She hugged tight the bouncer at the entrance and gained automatic entrance into the club where once inside, hollad at the deejay, winked at a few men, high-fived her girls then settled at one of the tall bar stools, ordered for a shot of tequila and, sitting with her butt raised like a white ant, waited for the male species to approach. It was routine. That was her life. Gaining social media approval and tapping masculine attention. But she is not alone. There are so many like her with this lifestyle. They feed off the attention the world gives them especially from the men. This attention usually and mainly is sexual.

One of the biggest problems causing headaches, toothaches and stomachaches to feminists and most women these days is their claim of being objectified by men, sexually. Many are claiming that men are seeing, referring to and treating their bodies sexually. This is mainly through fashion, art, music, literature and many other avenues. The end result, a sad volume of tales about rape, sexual harassment, unauthorized groping etc.

Over the years, we have seen that women (most of them) like to be given all that sexy attention and many of them live for it. Many have made money out of it. Out of their sexuality. Bad Black, a Ugandan socialite, openly boasts of it. They know that their bodies are glorified by the media so they unashamedly give it out there. It is a life for those living in the fast lane. The dresses, the hangouts, everything they do is sexual and the more the public ratings, the better and the less the attention, the more desperate they become.

Enter the entertainment industry and you will forever be shocked. An artist or video director will send out word that he is doing a video shoot and needs girls that will not be fazed to wear the hot stuff and ooze sexiness on set. Man, they will turn up in droves. Unless if the artist is not good enough. We have seen them strip on stage and falling on artists but then later hear charges being filed that “that artist sexually assaults women”. Some have released hot pictures or turned up nearly naked on events just to promote their music. Ekitone. Remember her?

Some have tried so hard to stay relevant that they go ahead and leak their own goodies, commonly called nudes and boy oh boy do they get the internet wilding. Some American family is now filthy rich just because one of the girls made alooot of money from the sex tape that leaked.

Have I even talked about the booty implants? Tell me of any girl that enhanced their body just for their private self? It is always hanging out on the streets or on the internet. Their sites are always trending. Their DMs must be buzzing. It is a world they want and it is always watching, glorifying them for it. Paying them moneys for it. The age of the internet. Of social media.

Yes, social media. Oh, the plague that happened to us. If you are keen enough, you may have noticed that in a normal setting, the most traffic on the different social media sites is directed at those profiles of girls who dress to tickle their followers’ minds. Most times with captions which usually solicit raunchy responses from their following.

Even if we took the internet out of it. Look at the work places. You would not be shocked these days if there is a girl around who dresses pretty much different from the rest or puts a remix on the accepted, professional, ethical dress code. Her skirt slits are way up there, her cleavage is dripping and the make-up is ratchet, her expressions are inviting and her character is just freaky. Ok, go out of your room or office and step into the streets, it is insane there. Fire. At the mall, at the shops and restaurants. On the bodabodas. Everywhere, girls these days are naughty and it is fast becoming normal.


And with all this drama they be intentionally causing, there are those that still blame it on the men. That we are perverted freaks who cannot control our flies. They call us ill raised and evil. They say that we think with our dicks. They say that we do not respect women who say no to us yet a few days back, her internet caption asked, “What would you do to me if I turned up at your door dressed like this?” The picture that is dropped with it is not for the younglings to see.

But. Yes, literary every story has a but side to it…but, these same people face challenges many of which come from themselves. The fact is that some women want to be seen as sex objects. They dress for sexual approval, sit for approval, hit on men to be hit back at. Want to gain material things through sexual services so I guess it really puts you (feminists) in a tight spot.

Yes you claim that you just want to dress to feel comfortable in your own body or personally enjoy your nudity and skin but I guess you should as well tell every woman who is trending their bodies to get some clothes on and not try looking for social media evaluation because not all men are going to ignore so you should not use it to generalize all of us though many would wish to but they cannot afford to. How many times have you ever heard of a sexual attack on a woman wearing a frock (nuns, sisters) yet they are always walking on the streets with us? Are not they women too?

But why are the said sexual objectifications directed at a particular type of women in society? And when attacking the men, you may as well first have to know that men are visual creatures. We act after first seeing. We are turned on by sight. We react depending on what we have seen. That is why usually when we start flirting on the internet, it would take as short as two days before he schedules a date and that is if he has not asked for your picture in the DM already.

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