Booty, man!

booty 2

Some girls have bodies you could swear God did not mold them in the same clay as the others. That He used some other secret, special substance to make them bodies that are out of this world. A girl, looking so succulent from hip to lips, you look at and instantly get a burning desire inside out. And if she is brown, you just wonder what the areas you have not seen look like all over.

A girl you look at and subconsciously your mind starts thinking of all the weird things you could do to her if she was yours.  A butt that rises like a bun and then dips to that fire waist which offers an intermediary between the upper and the lower parts.

Here, all the thoughts and wishes you ever had about using what you learnt about the karma sutra come alive. 50shades does not even qualify here. That is then certified childish.

A girl you look at and give respect to the guy she calls ‘honey/ boyfriend’ wondering at how he got to score on such a dame. You begin asking yourself “what the heck is really going on”. ‘’What are the rest of us up to?”.

Some girls you think they do not poo, they just sweat it off and it smells like cotton candy. When having such a girl fills you up with so much you want to cum every time you just see her. Yes! She just makes your gods get crazy. Such girls do exist.

Girls who make you sin with your mind. Breaking both the 7th and 10th commandments simultaneously. Desire. Adultery.



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