The Miss Uganda That Defied The Odds.

quiin 1

Some time back, some Ugandans were busy on social media preaching that the current miss Uganda, Quiin Abenakyo. (That Quinn name is quite ironic) was not going to get any better than her predecessors at the Miss World Competitions. That she too was bound to finish somewhere in the oblivion. Untraceable.

They provided statistics and data of what it really takes for the judges and organizers to crown one a miss world. They said of how if it was really up to mere voting, then China, India and the USA would always be the winners. Of how if our government would give the LGBTQ a green light would it guarantee us the crown. They argued that our economy was not attractive to give marketability to the Miss World franchise. It was really so sick.

Oh how they dampened a few spirits. Even a few fake voting websites were passed by. And the masses were confused and disbanded further. That we were just excited for nothing. The usual excitement Ugandans have in form of FOMO.

But all was not lost. People kept on rallying and voting. It was exciting. It was sweet. To see Ugandans united for this. Very many things usually divide us. Soccer is what usually unites us but here, the nation rose. We pushed in. we believed and voted. Fake website or not, we voted. We shared the love and all and when the D-day came, high up in the lights, cameras and action. In the colorful, elegant world of Sanya, China, our Miss Uganda graced the stage. The runway was opened and she slayed. She sashayed and glided across. The questions were fired and she answered. In a mixture of power, poise, wit and elegance. Eventually, she was called. Out and loud. Miss World, Africa. That means she is the most beautiful woman on the African continent.  A true representative of the source of the Nile. Of the Pearl of Africa.

We screamed and jumped. We rolled and danced with joy. We broke our internet. The nay slayers did not faze us. They waited for when she was back. To pull out those pictures when she was swimming in tears of joy and they rattled her but we were not moved. We were champions and so it will be. The best we have performed so far on that glamorous stage and no one negative energy was going to rob us of that. We are the Quiins of Africa. The Pearl. Uganda.  Wakanda.

quiin 3

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