We Ain’t No More.

You don’t deserve my love, for you don’t deserve my heart. Because that’s where my love comes. A very sacred place.

You played with my feelings. My feelings you turned into your play park. When I had gotten so excited & put my feelings in it. Into us. We. Hoping for the best of what I thought we would become. I was seeing you & me together, loving ourselves to the limits. But then bitch you broke me, now I’d even given up with the healing. You slimy, filthy thing.

They say all that shines ain’t gold. I saw you as the purest. Oh how I was fooled. Now you got me in folds. Cold. How did you even act like that? You deserve an Oscar. When you left me with a scar. Taking me for a ride. Your life was a car. I was the blind passenger.

I can’t imagine enough how you now got me feeling rough. I thought I was tough but girl you tried to get the last laugh.

But I am now done over you, I am walking away. Craig David. I feel like I am winning. Ain’t no snitching no more, you can go get chilling with satan. #bars

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