The IDU Are Back And It Is A Bang!



The dance industry in Uganda at the moment is growing at a very fast rate. The way people are getting to appreciate it and get involved with it is pretty much very impressive as we are seeing more and more people getting them involved in their projects.  Solo acts and group dance outfits are all seemingly making a killing off it and seems like no one is complaining.

Speaking of the same subject, it was all sweat and selfies, gym outfits and smiles, giggles and massive dancing when the IDU dancers, an international dance group of Ugandan origin decided to organize a free dance workshop in Ntinda for its home base fans that they seemingly had abandoned in Uganda. I am saying international dance group because they have been on a dance project in China for about two years and if the activity on their social media pages is something to go with, then they have literary made it. From performing at some of the best shows in china to winning competitions and running dance workshops they indeed deserve to be dubbed international.






The event that was slated to slated to start at 5 p.m. gained momentum a little bit later when a bevy of girls flocked into the  almost at once like as if they were on a timer though this had not deterred the organizers to start as scheduled. The deejay who was set in in the corner of the room with his wheels of steel kept blasting out and spinning out afro beats songs that kept the room on its toes.




The lead dancer, Nandala Mathew was already up front getting people worked up with all sorts of afro-pop moves that included the latest strokes like the shaku and gwalagwala that seemed to be the favorite for the ladies as they kept making noise over every dance move that was brought up. I am not sure whether the noise was for the boys that were taking us through the drills or for the moves but all I can say is that everyone was having a good time and shame was on those that were not sweating. If taking selfies was also part of the to do list then I am telling you it was as equally utilized as the girls kept stealing at their phones to take pictures and videos with their mates for memories’ sake and probably to get those who did not come to feel jealous. And I am sure they did.


By the time it clocked 7:00 p.m. to mark the end of the session, people were already drenched in sweat but surprisingly, no one was willing to leave the dance floor. It was that effective. They still thirsted for more. It was that worth it and as the people exchanged contacts and took more pictures, the IDU promised to consider starting a regular dance studio session at a small fee of fifteen thousand shillings and no one was complaining. It will be worth it, happening every Saturday evening at the Core Fitness Gym, Ntinda Complex Block C and as for now, we are happy that they are back and I am sure, some tables are going to be shaken and we wish them all the best of luck. Peace.

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