For You I’ll Be….

for you ill be 2

If I keep trying, there is not a mountain I will not top, not a river I will not cross, not a star I will not reach. A grenade I will not catch. I will be there to catch you before you fall, your shoulder to cry upon and a bridge across the
waterfalls to see you across the obstacles.
My love for you will not be like all of them other guys would do
but only for you and your wishes I will do. Love me, oh gentle one, as my heart is bare, thirsting for your
love. My heart is bare.
If given a chance to turn every day into what I want, I will make it that every day is spent with you and or spent for you because for every day about you, will be
enough to put me through. Something I really want. Don’t you?
If loving you was that word of salvation, I will be your number one disciple.

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