You were total strangers before…
》Then your lives crossed paths and you met. You became friends, exchanged
contacts, started frequent texting and calling and started looking forward to the days ahead because you are planning on meeting again.
》Started taking notes and doing those things he/she likes and kept away from
those they did not. You started calling yourselves names, going out (ice cream, tea, cake, movies you name it) and doing things together. A lot of things together.
》You started telling your friends about them and met their friends and they
met yours plus family.
》However, you tell those who have noticed and are asking about how you two relate and you tell them that you are just friends, nothing serious. Just a simple get along.
》You become jealous and suspicious towards their close members of the
opposite sex. Snooping around on their social media to see who is liking their posts. Who is tagging them and commenting what and how they are responding to the activities. Stalker.
》You start confiding in each other. Any serious issue in your life you tell it to them, things you used to tell your now former best friends. Sharing secrets and desiring to get to know each other better more. Now they are left guessing. Becoming third parties in confidence.

》You then start picturing yourselves in each other’s lives and then their future.
》You both confess love to each other and get physically romantic too. Sexting is on the rise.
》You finally tell others that you are dating and officially it becomes a relationship and everything from there is perfect bliss, happiness, sunny days and stuff.
………….those are the days when things are good.

But when they go sour this is how life happens:

》You start finding the other’s jokes boring. Easily start noticing their flaws and no longer impressed by the things they did to make you happy. The little things they did that made you fall in love with them over and over again are now nothings and childish. The appointments and outings reduce and are no longer fun.
》You no longer see yourself in their future, get easily irritated being around them and arguments replace conversations. You both want to be over the other.
》Feelings of being unloved, uncared for, sadness, crying set in.
》Heartbreaking session sets in.
》Communication becomes dodgy. People getting left on blue ticks. Phone calls getting dropped or left hanging. People on line but no chatting. One of you trying to know why things are like this and the other offering no explanation that can help.

》Fooling each other that it is still on yet you both know that it is a sinking ship. Maybe because you are trying to hide it from the world. There are those that did not wish you two well. You fear their judgment, you then think of the best friends you had abandoned because of the new relationship you had got now how are you going to get back to them? Tail between your legs.
》Then the distance begins. A great start to getting back to the friend zone, talking becomes un-thought of. Finding bliss in the silence.
》Everything becomes the past and they are just memories of what you all
used to be……

》Perfect strangers who never wish to ever cross each other’s paths again.
……….If you wish things never get to this then always endeavor to try making it happen.


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