Of Office Relationships

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Things lovers do. They talked about anything about the day and all. The guy wanted a new job.  A permanent job so that his salary can be on a consistence and better. A break through to the formal world. His projects were not bringing in enough. He wanted to support and provide for her too. It’s like every girl’s expectation.

Then one day, there was a vacancy at the girl’s work place. He had the qualifications for it but then there was a dark cloud looming over them. What if the bosses found out these two were lovers. The company had a no relationship policy between coworkers. Breaking it meant dismissal to one of the culprits. It was a tricky situation. He needed the job for a better life and she too had to keep her position. They dove in. He decided to go for the dare.

He smashed the interview and got the job. Her friends knew him and they would all report together at work and leave usually at the same time. Their cover did not last long. They were found out and yeah right, the bosses had them for a talk. Dismissal! That was the only option. However, the couple was too good at what they were doing and still promising for more so the company decided to transfer the guy to another of their branches. The only incident that ever happened. Others met a far worse fate.

I would say that before any couple starts to kick off an office relationship, they should first read and clearly understand the company manual about relationships and how it deals with it so as not to be caught offside when found out. This would enable them to lay a better strategy on how to go about it. If it requires one to leave, they should already know who is to do so, so that they do not look unserious trying to debate who of the two should later leave and thus jeopardizing what they already started.

Also, they should date mainly for a long term relationship. This would be good in a way that their public image is protected. Even if the company finds out, the long term goal would protect them to an extent. The company may even be lenient on them and caution them to either keep it on the low or from a personal experience, transfer one of them to another of their branches or establishments.

Other worst scenarios, couples should just as well abandon the whole damn thing. Date not at all. Let the feelings die in them. Call it dying in your own movie.

Casual relationships and sex flings are so damaging in a workplace environment both personally and organizationally. It affects people’s concentration towards the company’s goals, their personal goals and objectives and incase it turns negative with emotions involved say a break up or mixed signals or third parties involvement, it would affect a whole lot of the team. People look adulterous, unserious, perverts or anything in between and the company would look too lenient in case such acts become scandalous.

Imagine a guy hitting on the secretary, then in a way or another, people get to find out. Then he hits on the marketing agent and so forth. Can you imagine the amount of tension he would have caused between the ladies? Remember, there are teams in office. There are cliques, naturally, a group of people blending together more than they do outside their circle. Now imagine all these cliques banding together just because of one man who did not keep his fly together. Now they would not be working better as a team, thus affecting the productivity level of the company.

Anyone should know that in a place where there is gender diversity. Be it a school, work place, church, community, anywhere, people are bound to fall in love. It is just inevitable and trying to oppress such behavior is a humongous task to enforce. Dealing with it has unpredictable consequences. You may lose employees who were vital in driving the organization forward and ignoring it may affect the productivity of the same organization. I therefore believe that organizations should just be open to their employees and deal with it when it comes up.

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