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Push the person you are dating with to become a better person. Let them feel loved and supported. Let them feel like you got their back. Like you are their numeral one fun. There is nothing as reassuring as knowing that your bae is your ride and die. Talk about Bonnie and Clyde. That they are with you in that which you are chasing. Dreams. Goals.


Love is so sweet when both of you are elevated. When both of you can afford to live a good life. When the two of you are able to sustain yourselves with what you have and are happy with it yet still working at multiplying it.


Teach and plan with your partner on how best to spend money especially if both of you are looking for a long-term future together. Even if there is little to save, at least spend sensibly. If your partner is all about you spending on them lavish things which shoot way beyond your general income before you have reached a point where you feel that at least you have saved enough or stoked enough then that is not a relationship. That is a Blaq Chyna you are dating.


Put emphasis on how to advance career wise, how to attain those future goals, how to keep it Godly.


Do not get distracted with the sex and all the other bullshit because all that is sweeter when you guys are living greater. There will never be peace and love in a home when you all choking on debts and wants and needs. Even the sex cannot be satisfying. What are you even making love for when debts and all are choking you up?


Let your relationship goal be to elevate and prosper as one and not about getting wasted.



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