Let’s Get Lost In Our Intimacy



How about you give me that body? I want to stroke it. I want to kiss it. Massage it. Give it all the pleasure and warmth in all angles and proportions, all corners, in and out. All spaces. I want to squeeze the juices out of it. The scents and the heat soaked in with sweat so wet.

I want to kiss your lips now. I want to hold tight your breasts now. I want to squeeze your ass as I press you close to me. Tightly. Nibble on yours ears. Tingling. Circle my tongue around your pinna. Bring shivers down your neck. I want you to moan and giggle at the same time. Your body shiver.

Eyes closed, head tilted. Slow breathes, warm, sensual like a warm cloud embracing your whole body. Feel you want to touch, be touched. A hand to slowly slide down your neck, gripping around your shoulders, going down down down. Huhhhh, warm all over.

How about you feel mine? All the muscles, inch by inch. All the biceps. How about the triceps? Work your magic fingers like a wand on me. Knit me meter by meter with your soft fingers.

How about we surrender to intimacy? As we appreciate what each God gave to us, how about we bathe ourselves in kisses and pleasure. Something we have never done before. Let us break the boring routine and enjoy the greatness of our intimacy.

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