Avicii, wake up. I wish.



You made the rare kind of music that I liked. The kind of music that I love playing when I am going about my business. Though fast and intense, ironically, it sometimes instead brought me peace. Electronic dance music. You made the world in this era fall so much in love with that genre. You always wore your cap backwards.

To Avicii, who made us want to scream and rev and wave, shout our throats hoarse to the beats and intoxicated by the lights. That bass and those neons, is now a mere whisper. A soul. A passing wind.

To the life that turned out to be too fast that you sought to find peace. A balance and meaning to life. The so much help you needed. Where did we miss the signs? What exactly went wrong? Now your light no longer shines. The void is left. The hanging gloom. The grim reaper collected you from mortals. Our hearts filled with tears unending but maybe we will wake up and get used to it. But that is hard for your music which is the only thing you have left us with will always remind us of the beauty of what you were. Oh how we wish. The anger of the sadness that is welling up inside of us. The pain. Oh, the pain.

So, in The Nights or during The Day, how can we be on Levels while Waiting For Love Without you? In all the Sunshine that you have left, we will never hear you again say Wake me up. Hey brothers, we have been left as Broken Arrows.

#Avicii #RipAvicii

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