To The Heart That Got Ditched

broken heart.jpg

I know how you feel, when you loved someone without holding yourself back, without letting anyone else influence your heart, mind, soul and feelings towards your partner because you are the kind of person that believed that true love is mainly composed of faithfulness and trust.

Always looking forward to the day you will celebrate another anniversary of your romantic engagement with beloved and always looking forward to a wonderful, successful future together. With beautiful kids of course. A happy family envisioned.

However then, you woke up to heart wrenching news that you been ditched. That you have been stabbed in the heart by someone you treated as the best thing you have ever met. You have ever had. You have ever loved.

I am so sorry for you for having fallen for that person who proved that they were actually made out of the same clay as the devil. At least their heart and actions can attest to that. That they cheated. That they wasted your time pretending to be what they were not.

That they betrayed your fragile precious feelings by giving what they should have given to you to some other pig.

I know it hurts like shit but do not lose faith in love. Do not let just one person trash your heart from so much happiness it will recover too. Do not give a chance to that one person to have the last laugh in making your heart go hard. The only hard you should bring your heart to is in shutting out the hate and the pain they caused you. The insensitivity they exhibited to your life. Let your tears flow if they got to. Let them flow uncontrollably for that moment but after that, wipe them away. Sniff it up and make up yourself. Prepare your self for the road ahead. Prepare a fresh ground for new love that will later come in and love you like never before.

However long it may be. However long it may take, someone will come in and love you again. Someone new will love you so much it will make all the others seem like they never existed. Like they never ever mattered. Heartbreaks are part of life. They are part of love. They are part of growing up into strong people.

You will get someone better and let God curse their ‘new’ found lies they are trying to mold as a relationship. Those ungrateful pieces of shit. Let us call it karma. But that is also a bitch.



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