The Morning After



Portchester castle


The Morning After

She lay there in his arms as the warm sun rays tried to cut through the gloomy nimbus that had been splashing their windows with rain tried to stage a resistance. It was getting warm. It was radiating around them. She lifted up her hand and held them to the light. Her fingers became translucent. Red embedded inside between them.

The moment was like life in a slow motion. He was quiet. Holding her tight. Breathing in her hair. Each expiration blowing her hair up and then it settling down in slow falls. Their eyes were fixed on the green field that stretched out before them. The view from the top floor was breathtaking. Nature was beautiful. The golden color of the sun’s rays had embedded well with the fresh green of the vegetation to create a dazzling combination of fresh green and gold. Her lips curved into a faint smile at the corner of her mouth. She was happy.

The white sheets rustled at every movement the two bodies made. However faint it was. They had been like this for about fifteen minutes. Feeling each other’s warm embrace. Recovering from the night before that ushered in this morning. Memories of what had happened strongly playing in their minds. They had made some great love last night, fallen asleep and this very morning, woken up by the drumming of the rain against their window, had resumed giving themselves what is called morning-glory. It was so good she felt like it took her to heaven and back. The multiple orgasms that she had, had given her a pleasant glow. The weight of his muscles. The muscles of the man of her dreams. The man who was holding her right now. The man who had made sweet love to her a few hours back. The man who made her feel like the luckiest woman in this world. Who was lying next to her at this very moment. Holding her. Breathing into her hair. Whose chest she was leaning against this morning. This after sex morning. Sweet.

The men working below at the beach could not tell. The women at the shores and the kids running about in the gardens with the horse men could not tell either. They could not see nor feel what the joy was in the tall castle building that was dominating the gardens. They could not see nor feel what the young princess was feeling. They were ignorant of the great sex that had taken place few hours back. They did not know why the princess was going to be this happy for the rest of the day.


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