Do you love me?

              Do you love me?

Sometimes I wonder what comes to your mind when I tell you that “I love you”? Do you believe it or you just think am just saying? Do you ever get the urge to say it too? Like, ” Lemme tell this guy that I love him too”. 

Do you get that excitement? Though you sometimes say he is your boyfriend. Does it bring any change on you? Your emotions? Feelings? Do you attach to it some meaning? Do you smile when you read the messages or when verbally you hear me say or do you frown and get irritated? 

I know many say it to you but does mine seem a bit different? And when I say that you are so beautiful. Do you believe that too? I can not get mad when you think like that because it is hard to believe it my own self either but yet beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we all got our reasons to judge beauty. Does it hold a different weight from others? 

How am I supposed to know anyway? Because given the fact that you hardly ever say the same to me, sometimes I feel like I should not say it all the same way to you. 

Should I sign off here with an “I love you” or I should just abandon the whole damn thing?

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