Stealing a partner?


Stealing a partner?

On the news and or media we have all heard or kept seeing/hearing people fighting, killing and or arresting others on grounds that they stole/ dated/ wooed their partners away. That slowly by slowly, they saw the people they once held dear in their hearts and who had confessed the same as well, started slipping out of their grasps into the indifferent world of strangers. All this blamed on the intrusion of someone else in their world of love-bird-hearts. Damn, have people gone ratchet on this one. Hood fights, social media wars it is always there for so many of others to see. It has usually made the juiciest gossip.

But personally, I think it is wrong doing so. Attacking the third party in the case that your partner is having a fling with them. Why? I think an adult is not like an object that you just pick it up, steal and go. They have hearts and minds to decide to be dated and taken by another person from their partners, they have the ability to know what is happening and whether it is right or wrong that which they are doing.

So instead of arresting, trash talking or even pulling WWE moves on someone that they took your partner, I think it would rather be better you settled down with your partner and discussed why they are accepting to be involved in such behavior.

There has to be a reason. Much as the relationship intruder must also be questionable for intruding on privacy, the first person to talk to should be your partner. There has to be a reason why it happened. Maybe they are dissatisfied, oppressed, felt lonely or were there for a meantime in the relationship or the other fling. It could be for the money, companionship or just for the sex then you can see whether you can deal with it by correcting it or simply accept and let them walk out of the relationship into a new one. Besides, many of the relationships we see started like that. And most probably the one you are I started just about the same way.
So before you go ham on the relationship intruder and start a telenovela on social media or start drawing swords and pointing fingers at them, first talk with your partner and see if the matter can be resolved or the battle was long lost.

…Random Thoughts Of Shadray

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