Shit! take off your dress, undress. Bend down and touch your toes, drop it, pick it up and make it bounce.Twerk it, bounce it or whatever am ready. Get on it. Up and down baby gimme the hydraulics. Pull up your dress, Unlace the laces, drop your panties, take off the bra and climb up on it. Am already sprung. Gimme some love. Together in unison blood red, crimson. 

Kisses all over your body, mouth to mouth take it all over our faces. 

Tongue in tongue out ain’t no breathing spaces. Get them chills. Making them nipples to stand out. Triple wet with sweat, listening to some Keith sweat. Hard! I squeeze and slap that ass like you’re a bad child. Naughty! oh yeah I like it raunchy, hot and sexy. i like it dripping, me swimming in it. hard on, dick throbbing. All muscles twitching.

No time to waste am coming to eat it. So open up your eggs wide and let my head slide in. I wanna chew it. Suck it. i wanna lick you up as your thighs squeeze my head in between. All noise shut out. your body tapping out. orgasm. tongue in. feasting. thrusting.

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