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Just take one look at you and I appreciate how beautiful you do look.

No spooks, you give me peace no stress.

Wonderfully made with no faulty trace.
Eyes nicely placed from where they shine bright like stars in space.

Staring down at a love struck soul.

The nose I love to kiss

The cold bu ears I usually shudder from.

A heart made with love and from love occupied by love.

Lucky is he me that has had a full taste of that.

And I am going to do so till our mortal lives part.
All I want is for us to grow old in love together.

Throwing all other third parties asunder.

No romantic blunders because it’s true love that we decided to offer

Not this other stuff of losers.

People trying to squeeze in like it’s a commuter.
I vow to be yours please be mine

Not like these suckers that went to Arabia.
I love you with my whole life.

For how could I never.

…2 years is here, how better could I celebrate it with whom than you?


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